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Updated: Aug 9, 2022

After being released from psychiatric detainment for burning the flag & making the following youtube video Update [#01 / 02]: Universal Asylum under investigation after publicly burning Australian Flags & Update [#02 / 02]: Universal Asylum under investigation after publicly burning Australian Flags whilst under investigation by Counter Terrorism & two other law enforcement departments alarms were raise when I simply changed a YouTube setting enabling videos that were only accessible via links on this website to be available on the Universal Asylum YouTube page. Although it initially seemed as if I had breached my bail conditions the police quickly figured out that the videos were made prior to the charges. Unfortunately, as the police had my computer, etc - I was unable to prove this to the doctors who I expect were afraid of liability & detained me for a third time & I was placed on Community Treatment Order (CTO) & forced to take DEPO injections of antipsychotic medications with extreme side effects.

Fortunately, between my severe reaction to the medication that took months to wear off & the support of my mother & Psychologist writing a support letter strongly refuting their miss-diagnosis & inappropriate medical treatment - I was able to have the CTO revoked & my psychiatrist elected to explore non pharmacological treatment options. Presumably to cover his arse, I was assessed by a Forensic Psychiatry team who support his decision to proceed without medication.

I cannot bare to look over the video I made desperately asking for ( ((Help)) ) whilst coming off the medicating but it's there.

In the mean time, late November I received reconstructive surgery on my collar bone which has been an incredibly drawn out & excruciatingly painful experience that has created additional complexities with addictive medications, etc.

Whilst this has drastically slowed Universal Asylums progress I have done my best continuing working to seek directors with the appropriate qualities so that it is possible to transfer to a company structure & apply for Not For Profit Charity status so that it is possible to proceed working towards it ambitious yet critically important objectives.

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