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Aggravated Criminal Negligence against Australian & World Governments

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Universal Asylum raises numerous serious counts of Aggravated Criminal Negligence against the Australian & world Governments surrounding subjects including but not limited to:

1) Prohibition & suppression of thorough & efficient scientific exploration into the holistic therapeutic value of N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & other "psychedelics" despite overwhelming scientific & anecdotal evidence of the astronomical value they offer our species.

2) Failure to implement appropriate policy in protecting substances such as DMT & other "forbidden Fruit" that are well documented as being or having been considered sacred to countless ancient civilizations & indigenous cultures form the shortcomings of western civilisation.

3) Suppression of more ecologically sustainable & biodegradable thus environmentally friendly products such as hemp, for the sake of propping up the plastics industry which is know to be one of the greatest critical threats contributing to killing earths’ oceans.

4) Failure to respond appropriately to informed recommendations of health sector to abandon recklessly dangerous & irresponsible policy associated with the "war on Drugs" for safer & more ethical medical approaches to managing substance use.

5) Failure to facilitate appropriate economic reform (as we move away from traditional "breadwinner" family structures) to enable individuals to support healthy independent lifestyles in alleviating economic circumstances contributing to the prevalence of Domestic Violence & including the reduction of work hours as women entered the workforce to enable men time to undertake the significant roles once traditionally fulfilled by female members of society.

6) Failure to facilitate appropriate legal reform surrounding the de-institutionalization of relationship status as a contributing factor related to Domestic Violence. Specifically, legal contracts associated with marriage & defect relationships, that contribute to the legal institutionalisation of "relationships".

7) Failure to enact & enforce age restrictions on religion in protecting children throughout their most vulnerable stages of psychological development until all teaching are assessed & approved in terms of age appropriateness to protect children psychological wellbeing throughout their most critical stages of development & in reducing the prevalence of outdated value systems that have the potential to contribute to social issues such as sexuality based abuse & domestic violence.

8) Failure to act proactively in the pursuit of appropriate global economic reform in protecting third world countries from human rights violations in terms of exploitation & in insuring ecological protection of our oceans & natural resources.

9) Failure provide adequate proactive responses to rapidly evolving technological advancement in protecting the general population from the exploitative nature of major corporations & outdated economic systems.

10) Failure to provide adequate regulation of arts industries such the film & dance industries that facilitate safe structures by which individuals can safely report abuse & human rights violations.

11) Failure of the Australian Government to act responsively to recommendations of National Inquiries such as the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody 1991 & the Bringing the Home Report 1997 in reducing the systemic injustice experienced by Indigenous Australians.

12) Contributing to global conflict & violence by profiteering from arms industries.

13) Failure to adequately regulate consumer industries against planned obsoleteness & other insidious business tactics contributing to the needless creation of excessive waste.

14) Failure to work towards a more efficient, ethical & corruption free system of governance that prevents people from acquiring dangerous positions of power & establish anti corruption systems by which cases of criminal negligence can be efficiently raised against state & Commonwealth Governments.

15) Failure to facilitate comprehensive, humane & ethical long term social planning & reform to cater for the needs of all members of society in spite of the increasing pressures of our aging population to avoid collapse of our health systems & broader social structures.

16) Continuing to allow people to attain dangerous positions of power with the potential to place our entire species & everything else at risk when our species has reached a point of technological advancement where we are able to work collectively towards gradually automating & removing people from such positions.

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