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Book I Bought to Learn How to Write Well Enough for University 2008

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Although I can't recall how far I got into this book - it is an example of the many challenges I faced when I started started University which only years earlier no one would have expected, especially myself. Inconsistencies in my literacy & communication skills still cause me trouble today. As reflected by the assignments that I have been able to find - I always lost marks for spelling & grammar, & at one point in first year was pulled aside by a Tutor & questioned over plagiarism due to my use of semicolons to break up sentences. It didn't take her long to realise & point out to me that my grammar styles were being influenced by reading American Psychology text books (I didn't know there was a difference & although it was helpful to have some of the basics of that fact pointed out I'm still yet to figure it out). She was the one Tutor I actually remember being Hot AF for on all levels (physically & due to her values & intellect) knowing it would create conflicts of interests to disclose such info whilst she was a Tutor - I waited until I had received my final marks for the subject before sending her a tasteful email letting her know I thought she was pretty "spesh" & that I wish I'd met her elsewhere for which she thanked me for my transparency & the compliment. be interesting if I ever stumble across the email.

To make things more confusing - I experienced inconsistencies with receiving positive feedback on my writing style from older tutors whilst younger ones typically really didn't like the way I wrote.

I also had to teach myself to how to use computers. Although mum had bought me a second hand IBM - ThinkPad the year before so I could do the relatively small written component of my Bachelor of Dance Performance I'd probably learned more about the mechanical side of rebuilding computers than using them after killing it within 3days sue to viruses from looking up porn... The point is I still struggle with both.

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