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Court over Universal Asylums flag burning in Victoria Square

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

On the 25th of October 2021 Mark Parker attended the Adelaide Magistrates Court charged with Property Damage & Disorderly Behavior due to the burning of flags in Victoria Square featured in the Universal Asylum YouTube clip: Throwing in the towel & setting alight large flag pole Victoria Sq, Adelaide, South Australia.

The intention of committing the offence was a desperate publicity stunt that was hoped to create public controversy & an opportunity to submit the folder featured in the above YouTube clip containing documents cataloged in the previous Blog post, Universal Asylum: Court Documents - Table of contents. into public record as evidence before a judge in a court of law & in doing so hopefully raise some level of "duty of care". Unfortunately the judge was not interested in examining the motivation of the crime & would not allow the folder to be submitted into evidence.

Aside from inspiration for my first attempt at officially releasing my hypothesis on N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & Other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients. with some level of copyright protection as property of Universal Asylum as a registered Australian business... The main thing this achieved was receiving advice from the duty solicitor on raising cases of criminal negligence against the The Australian Commonwealth Government. Unfortunately upon further legal enquiry it appears that there are no real anti corruption systems in place to raise such offences & the only real way of doing so is to force the government into making a decision that can be appealed & if necessary challenged in a court of law.

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