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Acquiring Appropriate Directors & Moving Forward...

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Universal Asylum is currently seeking parties with appropriate qualities to fill a minimum of two directorships necessary to transfer its registration from a sole trader to a business structure in order to apply for Not For Profit, Charity status.

It may also be necessary to seek legal advice in drawing up a contract formally signing over copyrights to my hypothesis on N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients, in addition to my Ayahausca Assisted Rapid Opioid Detoxification Treatment Model & Universal Asylums unique organisational structure featuring a One World Leaderless System of Governance over to Universal Asylum as a Not For Profit, Charity or World Trust.

Once the above is achieved it will then be possible to crowd fund to cover administration costs associated with acquiring appropriate licences & authorities for Universal Asylum to undertake clinical trials against it's hypothesis on DMT & other "Forbidden Fruit" & relating to the broader operations of the institution.

Already registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) at a glance the above is expected to require individual applications & revised versions of various aspects of my hypothesis which was originally written under great pressure to serve a complex range of similar objectives. The nature of the complexities of Universal Asylums hypothesis also presents a broad range of complex considerations for research design & models of clinical testing capable of facilitating complex multi-factorial analysis.

Acknowledging the potential for the holistic therapeutic value of DMT & other "psychedelics" to revolutionise western medicine in manner that far exceed "mental health", Universal Asylum recognises that overregulation & prohibition based social policy associated with such substances being restricted to the arbitration of medical industries will not only drastically inhibit the holistic potential therapeutic value such substances offer mankind but also continue contributing to complex dangers on social & ecological spheres. Therefore, Universal Asylum strongly advocates for thorough & efficient research to be undertaken in exploring the complexities of socially responsible & environmentally sustainable pathways to the prospective reintegration of such substances into contemporary society in a manner consistent with general definitions of "legalisation".

Universal Asylum anticipates that the TGA will reject applications for such licences & authorities to undertake clinical testing against it's hypothesis. Ideally, if done right such applications should be granted. However, even if not this will serve as a necessary step that will place Universal Asylum in a position to challenge the TGA's decision, via appeals processes & if need be in a court of law. The level of medical science supporting Universal Asylums hypothesis should make this a relatively easy win. However, it would be wise to obtain appropriate legal advice in throughly planning & preparing for matters of such great significance.

In respect to controversy over the ownership of such substances & fact that as naturally occurring substances they are not patentable - Universal Asylum maintains its stance in advocating on behalf of the general public for a special purpose legal document to be drawn up signing all rights & authorities associated with DMT & other "Forbidden Fruit" over to the care & protection of Universal Asylum as a World Trust, in perpetuity. This is to say that everyone should have shares in such substances & Universal Asylums' Leaderless system of Governance as public assets.

Once this is achieved it will be possible for Universal Asylum to serve as the centre hub in assembling a multidisciplinary team of teams concerned with facilitating clinical trials into the holistic therapeutic value of such substances & research into the complexities of their reintegration into contemporary society are thoroughly & efficiently undertaken. Considering my hypothesis on DMT strongly asserts that such substances are the most valuable resources on the planet & subsequently need to be managed in a socially & ecological responsible fashion - all proceeds associated with the countless potential employment opportunities involved are to be channeled back into facilitating the above & the broader operations of Universal Asylum.

If at all possible to get to this stage Universal Asylum will have attained a powerful enough position economically & socially to challenge world leaders to unite in collectively establishing Universal Asylums' One World Leaderless System of Governance. In doing Universal Asylum's ultimate aim is to attain enough control over the global economy & influence over World Governments to build a system capable of maintaining social stability whilst applying AI & scientific evidence to undertaking complex multifactorial risk assessments in informing complex social reform of outdated social systems & legislation including "drug policy' throughout the establishment of futuristic social structures capable of adapting to the rapidly evolving needs of & challenges faced by contemporary society.

In addition to the above, I have recently signed up with the Drug & Alcohol Services South Australia (SA Health) - Community Partnerships Program & submitted an expression of interest (that's completely transparent about my extensive experience with recovery from problematic substance use & unsanctioned experimental research into the holistic therapeutic value DMT & other "Psychedelics" or "Plant Medicines" - for a position as a Community Representative on their Community Advisory Council which is aimed at informing policy & service development. A position which I believe I have appropriate experience & insight to contribute greatly to & that in many ways compliments my broader career aspirations with Universal Asylum. Although I don't want to get my hopes up I have received a somewhat ambiguous email in response stating that it will be several weeks before they are able to arrange interviews but I will hear back from them eventually.

In the mean time Universal Asylum is currently seeking individuals with appropriate attributes to comprehend the complexities & macro scale of it's objectives to fill directorship positions necessary to obtain charitable status & contribute to refining the finer details of structuring the organisation to increase its likelihood of efficiently achieving it's complex interrelated objectives. However, seeking out appropriate individuals to fill such position is proving an extremely challenging given the complexities of the above & the fact that I owe it to every member of our shit species to ensure the right people with the right qualities are involved in ensuring the initial setting up of Universal Asylum is established in a manner that best serves the holistic interests of everyone & everything on this magical world we have abused our privilege of inhabiting.

In achieving the above & after strongly resonating with Sam Douglas's article Psychedelic Rescheduling Revised in the Australian Psychedelic Society webpage I am currently in the process of attempting to contact the Australian Psychedelic Society in seeking support to connect with people who possess appropriate qualities & may be interested in undertaking directorship roles in forming Universal Asylums initial executive structure.

Just to a a little update on the subject. It likely that that due to the controversial nature of Universal Asylums position in relation to the fact that existing Governments are founded on layer upon layer of BULLSHIT & the systemic problems associated with that - Universal Asylum recognises that it is likely to need to gain some kind of official public seal of approval before anyones game to jump on board to be directors. I've kind of got a more passive seal of approval from Counter Terrorism & Southern Mental Health, in being informed that I am no longer under investigation & having been assessed as having no relevant mental health issues so am being discards with referral to my ADHD & PTDS - Which is great but not exactly an offical stamp of approval.

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