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DMT Assisted Neurological Micro Surgery

Nanna has lived a pretty impressive life considering she became a paraplegic surviving Polio which took her younger sister at around age 14 and has managed to achieve everything they told her she never would since. If they'd been right our entire family wouldn't exist who are blessed to still have her with us approaching 90. She walked again with callipers, got back on a horse, drove, married, raised 3 daughters, ran a business, whilst on a sheep station catering sheerers, took me as one her black sheep grandsons for couple of years from 13-15 before I become fully independent. No words can do her justice but she's had me thinking of this for years even before I read about the neuroregenerative actions of DMT.

A woman I know through the PATCH zoom meetings who from what I understand is also paraplegic due to some kind of spinal injury mentioned something along the lines of "it hasn’t made her walk again". Which, I instantly thought to myself "yeah but" even though I had wondered exactly what said. The "yeah but" relates to the way we use such substances which a great deal of ancient wisdom has been lost. I have mentioned synergetic combinations for different purposes in and covered most of the neuroregenerative referencing in N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & Other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients. I have also since that publication questioned the use of the definition antiviral as although, it has certainly proved symptomatic I am unsure it is able to fully heal "perminant" viral infections. Which also raises the question of the difference between our immune system retaining immunity to viruses as opposes to active or dormant reoccuring viral infections which is an area I don't currently have time to dig deeper. Sorry, that is kind of getting off track and complcating the simple point in regards to viral infeactions and neuroregeneration it could well be case of "It's not the size it's how ya use it". Whilst synergetic combination are likely to make a difference in specifically targeted medical applications which open up some complex and exciting scientific challenges modern technological advancements open up new possibilities combined DMT etc too.

I came up with the concept of combining micro-spinal-cord surgery with DMT infusion, ideally with supplements typically associated with such tissue, It’s the same principal as my collar bone surgery where they had to rough up the healed over bone end to get them to refuse in similar ways to putting a handled on a hand made clay coffee mug. There are various ways it could be approached depending on the nature of the injury but the basic concept would be to rough up the ends of the spinal cord so they are connected even by making a putty like they do with bone grafts and use DMT IV infusion to accelerate the regenerative process so its basicly healing whilst tissue is being physically manipulated almost like ark welding but not quite. This might not be possible on old injuries due to potential degeneration of the severed cord likly ito create limitations or even rule out older injuries, then theres mucle degeneration which psychedelics have th epotential to assist with too. Regardless, to kwwp things simple it's has enough potential as a treatment for fresh injuries to certainly be worth exploring.

Anyway Universal Asylum claims ownership over the concept of combining the neuroregernative actions of DMT and similar substances with surgical or mircorsurgical manipulation or reconnection of the spinal cord or nervous system. Depending on the injury manipulation may not be required. However, the neuro regenerative actions of DMT have the potential to heal the ends of the severed spinal cords if they are seperated. Therefore, physical manipulation to bridge the connection could be the difference successfully reconneting spinal tissue. The are things I don't know such as so the ends pull away from one another like achilies tendons when they snap. I recall the feeling of what's commonly refered to along the lines of a nerve stretch and being a particulary tight person in most respects expect they could retract upon severage. Therefore in may required something alone the lines of the insertion of a stent with fresh minced tissue to maintain connection like a bone graft combined with IV infuion of DMT in eithther short or extended bursts. However, if there is minimal gap in the severed cord it might be possible to use a microsurgical tool to basically mix the cord whilst administering the DMT. Dosage is tricky as high dose it likely to act both in the regeneration of the injury and as a way prettier and memorable equal opposite to anaesthetic, capable of releiving pain and awareness of the procedure and injury. A lot of people thing I'm crazy and it is kind of counterintuitive given psychedelics are typically know for hightening awareness. This is where I generally find the rule of thumb is too much is better than not enough as not enough can certainly make you aware of how shit you feel. I don't like feeling shit so I only had to make that mistake a couple of times. Since then my experience with large doses of DMT and other "psychedelics" have completely relieved the pain of Broken Bones, Covid19 and Opiod Withdrawal. Another challange for this type of neurosurgical proceediure is in cases where extra tissue is required where do we get it? Can we just borrow some from a dumb cunt who doesn't need it as much? Food for thought anyways!

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