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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Although "DUMB CUNTS" probably isn't a 100% fair description of my experience with DMT Nexus in it's entirety, it certainly makes a catchy title & both words are arguably "appropriate" adjectives for various aspects of my interactions with at least some of them. Not just them tho as there's ways I've certainly been a DUMB & a CUNT too which, although predominantly associated with my PTSD & ADHD - is at least worth owning!!!

Upon joining the forum & under pressure due to fear that my Ayahausca Assisted Rapid Opioid Detoxification Treatment. EXPERIMENT might actually get the attention it warrants - I constructed a post seeking support on how to go about responsibly presenting my work to the "right people" to have it thoroughly explored & refined in clinical settings, etc. Unfortunately, I didn't read the rules & possibly didn't do the greatest job of it. Unfortunately, as I didn't anticipate having it removed (stupid as I'm constantly censored) - I do not have a copy of the original post for reference.

However, leading up to & after my original post was removed - I did my best to engage constructively with DMT Nexus Admin throughout the following PM's & thereafter once I finally realised that they were directing me to construct a post in the "Harm Min" group that I didn't initially understand was a forum that only they could see.

Although I appreciate these demonstrate some degree of attempted understanding - the communications are riddled with harsh judgement, miss communication & miss interpretation from everyone involved including myself.

No shortage of examples of aggressively judgemental & hypocrisy demonstrated where these guys attempt to dictate my use of language whilst speaking in jargon. At least everyone understands use of the word CUNT. Which I'll do my best not to overuse in speaking to their judgement, demeaning language & accusations of "promoting things that are dangerous" whilst I bang my head against a brick wall over the fact I'm not promoting anything rather am advocating for thorough medical research in clinical settings.

Admittedly, I failed to articulate myself overly well in response to comments that at times triggered my PTSD & due to a combination of ADHD & ending up off track discussing irrelevant subjects.

Despite various pros & con's between grouping PM's between individual admin or in chronological order - chronological order possibly more accurately represents the unfolding confusion surrounding certain events.



Bill Cipher:

Whilst Null24 & viodmatrix are welcoming & more tactful in their approach. I'm immediately put on the back foot due to Bill Cypher's overtly aggressive attitude which contributes to me completely misunderstanding the direction he is trying to provide. Threats of being BANNED also doesn't heal as this is a huge trigger due to the circumstances surrounding my PTSD.

I am also defensive as at no point was I "advocating for others to do the same" as I have done. I am the first person to formulate an Ayahausca Assisted Rapid Opioid Detoxification Treatment supported by peer reviewed medical science & successfully test it on myself. That's my work which I know the potential dangers of due to having weighed them up throughout it's formulation. The only thing I was trying to responsibly promote is the fact that the results of my EXPERIMENTAL treatment model were profound enough to warrant further scientific exploration & refinement in clinical settings.

Part of the problem is that by this stage I'm confused as I've been told by one moderator that I'm not allowed to use my name, another that I'm not allowed to share external links & with the immediate threat of being banned am scared to step out of line.

Therefore, in doing my best to interpret & respond under pressure & emotionally provocative circumstances it takes a couple of days of miss communications before I understand what they are asking me to do.

Reply to Voidmatrix:

Replys to Bill Cipher:

Reply to Null24

Reply to Bill Cypher


As previously stated I did not promote anything other than scientific research in clinical settings which arguably isn't dangerous. To the contrary failing to undertake scientific investigations is arguably more dangerous!!!

Reply to Bill Cypher:

Bill Cypher:

At no stage did I mention "experimenting" on people prior to establishing a team of qualified professionals to undertake scientific research in clinical settings. Looking back over the messages I can certainly see ways that Bills overly aggressive & hostile approach contributed to me overlooking certain information & influenced me in certain defensive directions.

Replys to Null24

Reply to Voidmatrix:

Reply to Null24 however message appear to me missing his prior message:

Bill Cypher:

Finally Bill spells out the rules in the Harm Reduction forum. However, not without throwing in a dash of SHIT CUNT.

Null 24:

Is Mark Parker & Universal Asylum DANGEROUS?

Finally after a clear explanation as to what they mean by the Harm Reduction thread I construct a post titled Is Mark Parker & Universal Asylum DANGEROUS? which I would be dishonest to pretend wasn't strongly influenced by the hostility I'd already received. Unfortunately, looking back over it I very much fell short of the mark in reaching the point that it's not about being able to anonymously post in their forum. Rather got lost trying to introduce myself & the fact that I was seeking their support in how to go about presenting the profound results of my Ayahausca Assisted Rapid Opioid Detoxification Treatment Model EXPERIMENT to the appropriate audience in a responsible manner in working towards establishing a team of appropriate professionals to explore & refine the model in clinical settings.

Admittedly I did a poor job of this in trying to present the circumstances leading up to this point in time which merely invoked critique of off topic subjects such as my presentation, use of language & borrowing imagery from porn sites.

Unfortunately, I missed the typos in the poorly constructed sentence towards the bottom of this paragraph that should read more along the lines of...

"There is plenty of evidence over the years that Universal Asylum has been advocating for such substances should [NOT] belong to anyone. Rather, be placed into a world trust in perpetuity to maximise the profound holistic value the offer our species & surrounding ecological environment".

Of course this obvious oversight won't slip past Bill's CUNT nature.

As added the above to tidy up any discrepancies & in the mean time received a couple of comments - One from Bill Cypher & another from downwardsfromzero which will do my best to present with my replies rather than chronologically.

Bill Cipher thinks I'm a "just a straight up nut" yet is too fucked in the head himself to distinguish between testing a treatment on ones self & advocating for it to be thoroughly explored & refined in clinical settings as I have done with my Ayahausca Assisted Rapid Opioid Detoxification Treatment., & testing substances on others like the underground facilitators on his site do all the time.

I would have hoped that someone in Bill's position would have been aware of enough of the medical science referenced in N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & Other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients. to understand it's antiviral & broader therapeutic value against viral infections such as Covid19. Of course, I dare say Bill hasn't consumed Ayahausca on top of COVID19 to experience its' symptomatic relief either as I have written about in Covid19 & Entheogen's however anecdotally.

Bill Cipher is also apparently the type of SHIT CUNT who thinks it's "safer" to just allow a child with a terminal neurological condition to die painfully rather than advocate for the fact that there is enough scientific evidence that DMT is neuro-regenerative & neuro-protective & broader therapeutic value (1, 2 & 3) to warrant it's consideration as an emergency medical treatment option for Lissencephally. Perhaps Bill is unaware of such science or the nature of Lissencephally, & has never witness people he loves desperately fighting for their child's life & the grief once his short time in this cruel yet magical world comes to pass. Eli was actually only 8-9 months old over the period where I burned flag after flag desperately attempting to advocate on behalf of the Angels for an Emergency Treatment for Eli Angel & he since tragically passed at only 14months - Tribute to Eli Angel. Have some FUCKEN respect CUNT. Bill truely deserves to be re-born with Lissencephally so he can experience slowly & painfully dying whilst DUMB CUNTS like him prevent a treatment that is supported by medical science & is known to have been given to children in tribal settings for 1000's of years!!!

The DUMB CUNT also cannot even figure out that I have been thoroughly assessed by people of far greater professional stature than himself as NOT having any relevant mental health issues other than ADHD & PTSD. So what? I had the integrity to stand for something as serious as a child's all too short life & had the integrity bring myself under & withstand such intense scrutiny - personally I would have thought that's a good thing!!!

Pretty sure I acknowledged that I'm neither a Doctor or Scientist. However, I am a Social Worker & formulated the treatment model which I have copyrights attached to a registered Australian business - I am arguably qualified to run a organisation concerned with humans in context with their environments that advocates to undertake medical exploration & refinement of the treatment in clinical settings & employs appropriate professionals to do so.

Claiming I'm "unprofessional" based on the fact that I'm advocating for regulation of the dance industry based on the abuse I've experienced & witnessed demonstrates a lack of understanding of the broad scope of Social Work in roles such as activism in fighting for human rights & social justice. Admittedly I haven't done a great job of any of that due to the severe trauma & ongoing persecution attached to that. However, at least acknowledged its relevance to my work with entheogen's. At least I think.

Furthermore, I posted my job interviews due to two reasons. Firstly, the demonstrate a good honest attempt to contributed my extensive experience, qualifications & knowledge to a position from which it may have been possible to constructively influence Drug Policy & Service Development in a manner that serves the best interests of society. Secondly, it also provides a decent example of the lack of competence & integrity of SA Healths department Drug & Alcohol Services South Australia.

Downwardsfromzero is correct that it would likely have better served both causes had it been polished. Unfortunately, I lost a heap of work when the library computer switched itself off & was told I could update it once submitted. I'm unsure what spelling errors were there as I get confused between AUS & US spelling & struggle to keep up with evolving versions of Microsoft Office. I did notice that half the "&'s" that I'd changed to "ands" were "&'s again which certainly didn't do me any favours for consistency. He is also correct in the fact that I didn't clearly state that it wasn't about posting anonomously there. Rather, seeking support in finding the right people to undertake clinical trails surrounding my treatment model & hypothesis on DMT, etc.

I'm actually unsure how anecdotal my Ayahausca Assisted Rapid Opioid Detoxification Treatment Model EXPERIMENT is considering it is far from just a random word of mouth account. Rather it presents evidence of a carefully calculated experimental treatment model supported by medical science & that was documented on the website of a registered Australian business prior to being conducted. Which was then conducted in front of a video camera & documented along the way. Before updates of the experiment including video evidence of the fact that the administration of Naloxone didn't cause any visibly signs of opiate withdrawal were uploaded to Universal Asylums YouTube channel & incorporated in the updated accounts & results of the experiment. Any medical professional familiar with the administration of Naloxone to opiate dependant individuals would find this very interesting.

Yeah, I guess I am unfamiliar with the scientific process. Charles Goodyear accidentally discovered the process of curing rubber which although arguably a significant historical milestone was arguably less scientific that my EXPERIMENT which involved a hypothesis supported by medical science being tested on myself.

I'm unsure how I'm supposed to achieve my altruistic motives without obtaining some kind of recognition & rights to my work. Shit, I'd be happy to sign Universal Asylum over to a World Trust @ the same time as attaining the rights & authorities. However, I'll need public approval before anyone will be likely to be game to take a position on Universal Asylums board of directors as I cum warts & all. Whilst I'm pretty close to the most altruistic CUNT on the planet I don't think it's unreasonable to at least seek some kind of reasonable living in exchange for my efforts. Fact is my once tested & refined in clinical settings my Opioid Treatment Model on it's own would be enough to never work another day in my life. However, I'm willing to dedicate my life to building Universal Asylum.

He also admits that he basically hasn't bothered looking at more that two post some of which where possibly under construction yet claims flaws in my motives etc without having made any reasonable attempted to understand them.

I was actually seeking advice from the admin here as to how to present it in a responsible manner as I believed the founder of the forum was also an "Unsanctioned Researcher"

Looking back I actually don't mind domwardfromzero as he has reasonable delivery & much of what he has to say is valid. I disagree with his criticism of my use of language & pornography though I do see why they see it that way in our society. However, he is more compassionate than some of the others. Really

The interesting question I feel that was raised here is relation to the research model?

The nature of my theory N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & Other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients. raises all kinds of complex challenges for research design models capable of undertaking a broad range of complex multifactorial analysis. Of course, if I'm right (which I am) it becomes virtually impossible to 100% truely repeat experiments on even a single individual let alone across control groups as due to the nature of the substances the same person will compose of different complex combinations of health variables each time.

There are a lot of variables even with that statement as it would be far easier to create research designs for my Ayahausca Assisted Rapid Opioid Detoxification Treatment Model. However, although I have all kinds of great ideas in contributing to research models for testing the treatment model in clinical settings - I would obviously require guidance from "professionals" in appropriate fields to facilitat such testing. I don't know whether double blinds are necessary or even achievable due to the nature of opioid dependance. It would be interesting how they tested Naloxone as it's not as if it would have been exactly ethical to use a placebo & leave someone to die.

The short answer is testing the infinite aspect of my theories is likely to require a broad range of innovative research designs. Another interesting one would be my hypothesis Blocking Opiate & Benzodiazapine withdrawal & express purging toxins possibly via the Apendix. on "psychedelics" & their potential role in appendix actions in excreting toxins, etc.

I reply to Bill later but one doesn't need a Social Work degree to tell that he is a judgemental CUNT!!! Bill is also apparently such a DUMB CUNT he cannot distinguish combinations of factors such as inconsistencies in literacy skills, obvious typo's & oversights , having ADHD & PTSD, & trying to speak to complex issues whilst constantly being thrown insults & in all kinds of directions by multiple people whilst under pressure of the threat of being deactivated!!!

Reply to #9 Downwardsfromzero

Reply to Bill

Nothing like another threat of having your account suspended to facilitate greater communication.

My experiment DID fucken work. I singlehandedly constructed a hypothetical Ayahausca Assisted Rapid Opioid Detoxification Treatment Model supported by medical science journals with careful consideration to available safe guards for all possible outcomes & doccumented it on the company webpage. Then tested it on myself with remarkable results as represented by a combination of video evidence & self reported data. Yes, it would have been far better if I had a clinical environment with nurses & blood pressure machines, etc. Excuse me for making jest of this with an image that admittedly wasn't quite what I was after (& have since replaced with a more "appropriate one) - it's not as if I was trying to maintain a sense of humour knowing that if my hypothesis proved wrong it could have had potentially fatal consequences. Nevertheless, naloxone induced opioid withdrawal is violent enough that with even a small physical dependance the 8ish hours of video footage (2 of which I've uploaded) is something I would like to think most would consider more than anecdotal. Just because I didn't have loads of time, resources & laboratory settings doesn't mean my amateur scientific experiment was any less scientific. Imagine what I could do with a team of professionals!!!

If he'd read my work he'd know I didn't need to search them as I've been over them with a fine tooth comb many times. in fact some of the articles I've referenced conclude with remarks to the suppression of research into these substances.

Bill obviously doesn't understand the difference between - School, College & University. However, I didn't even pick up on that fact for a while either. Oh, the joys of communication!!!

I actually remember wonder what he was talking about as I couldn't remember mentioning anywhere that I didn't finish school. However, there is a point where I mention dropping out of my Bachelor of Dance Performance at Tafe SA - Collage of Performing Arts prior to enrolling to undertake a double degree in Psychological & Social Science at the University of South Australia which transferred directly into a Bachelor of Social Work after the 1st year. Sorry to be so specific but it seems necessary to avoid CUNTs accusing ya of being a liar!!!`

#19 0r #20 in response to #15 Voidmatrix

#19 or 20 (incomplete & currently unable to find further context)

Bill proves he is actually capable of not being a complete cunt.

Now I have a crack at answering this further down the track. However, I should have possibly asked him was who he thinks has the power? The reality is that our governmental systems are founded on layer upon layer of BULLSHIT predominantly influenced by UNETHICAL & outright CORRUPT relationships between & throughout the evolution of Governments & Capital Enterprise for 1000's of years

. Therefore, what's to stop an ethical registered Australian business with copyright over all academic material & concepts published on it's website from releasing a scientifically supported hypothesis such as N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & Other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients. & in doing so laying claim over such substances as the most valuable assets on the planet. Whilst advocating on behalf of the general population in accusing Governments of breaking their own legislative standards & acting as a criminal organisations guilty of Aggravated Criminal Negligence. And asserting copyrights over its' concept of the reintegration of "DMT & other forbidden fruit" forming a central component of a futuristic social structure such as Universal Asylums' One World Leaderless System of Governance - User Interface & the broader aspects of this on the Universal Asylum website - to essentially take world power in a brazen attempt to set 10,000years of BULLSHIT straight.

I didn't see this smart arsed comment. The thing is, as far as I'm aware, I'm the first & only person in the world to establish & release a hypothesis that DMT is not a drug & is in fact the most valuable thing on the planet. I also have enough integrity to assert the fact that the scientific & anthropological evidence I'm looking at strongly suggests DMT & other "forbidden Fruit" are obviously of such great significance to our species (& likely others) that they should not belong to anybody rather belong to everybody. Along with Universal Asylum' Leaderless System of Governance which is designed to facilitate their reintegration to society as a key component of its prospective futuristic social structure.

Now I didn't make the rules & obviously see many of them as BULLSHIT despite recognising the fact that we have to have some level of structure. Despite banging my head against a brick wall - I've made it pretty fucken clear that the only reason Universal Asylum belongs to me & hasn't been signed over to a public asset is due to the fact it requires 3 directors to meet the eligibility criteria which is unlikely to happen until it gains official public endorsement. I didn't make the rules & I don't enforce them.

Whilst I've broken many & although not always the case, in more recent times most rules I have broken have been carefully considered in minimising any harm to others & for the purpose of serving the greater GOOD. Whilst ideally we live in a world where people are reimbursed for their academic contribution to society & am also very well aware we also live in an inherently flawed system dominated by insidious individuals.

As I own virtually nothing & have little support I'm left with little choice but to take a gamble that neither Putin, Musk, Biden, Gates, Zuckerberg, the others you mention or any other cunt can steal Universal Asylum from someone on a disability pension with my story & sell it to the world. The thing I'm betting my life on that's more dangerous than my Ayahausca Assisted Rapid Opioid Detoxification Treatment Model is that there are enough good people within a system so inherently flawed that everyone knows it - that despite my imperfections that if I maintain enough integrity that I'll somehow gain public endorsement for Universal Asylum to proceed.

Everyone says "they don't want people to get well". But who the fuck are they? I'm pretty sure most of the burned out medical professionals I've met genuinely want people to get well as humanely & efficiently as possible. The majority of Police are sick of risking their lives every day enforcing BULLSHIT legislation. Particularly, that which is associated with the "War on Drugs" which is heavily tied into the medical industry. I'm pretty sure most people are sick of worrying about the fact that we're on the brink of WW3 & the planet is dying as a direct result of our species incapacity to come up with a better system. I don't believe I should be in control, I don't believe anyone should be, I don't know how to speak DUMB CUNT well enough to get get it through peoples thick heads that in order for any of this to come into fruition SOME CUNT to dedicate 15years of their fucken life trying to figure out a way of coming up with a comprehensive enough solution to complexly intertwined social problems, register a business & then BANG their FUCKEN head against a brick wall trying to sell it to our SHIT fucken species before we drive ourselves to extinction.

Dunno, I guess the thing about Universal Asylum is the rich & powerful of the world get the opportunity to prove who they really are... GOOD CUNTS or SHIT CUNTS?

Hows Null? Claims to be an "actual social worker" yet is so ARROGANT that he believes his premature judgements holds more weight than a 2year assessment of 1/2 Adelaide's psychiatric units, Forensic Psychiatrist's & Counter Terrorism. Sorry Null - YOU'RE the one sounding "DELUSIONAL" here mate!

LISTEN HERE FUCK-WIT... Just because YOU are too much or a DUMB CUNT to construct a sound hypothesis on N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & Other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients supported by medical science & come up with a thoroughly considered pathway to reintegrating it into a futuristic model of society doesn't mean I'm having a mental health crises. It's not about considering myself an authority mate - there is such a thing as copyrights CUNT & I have done everything I can to make it clear that system of governance I've spent the past 15 years formulating is intended to be LEADERLESS though that will inevitably require a complex & drawn out transition.

However, whilst we're on the subject of Authority's - I do find watching the vice president of the "Australian Psychedelic Society" who claims to have used LSD 4x years ago (either making her a liar or arguably under-qualified) & some tiny cocked Doctor get up on National TV & act as if they're authorities on how psychedelics should be studied provokes something along the lines of a "mental health crises". Whilst, I try to give her "the benefit of the doubt" as it's possible she's lying for the sake of her children - excuse me for thinking over 20years experience with illicit substance use, recovery, a Social Work degree & extensive experience with the therapeutic value of DMT & other "forbidden fruit" might give me a thing or two to offer policy development. The fact that you admit to only having barely glanced at my work in forming your judgements who's how reckless you are mate!!!

Further more "ALLEGED"... Are you calling me I lair, CUNT?... Fact of the matter is I have literally 1000's of hours of footage of experiments with various substances. Admittedly, such footage varies greatly in its' potential scientific value & a great deal of it simply features too much nudity & hard core demonic sex to be viewed by anyone other than those it features, not that I'm particularly shy about that kind of thing!!!

What's the matter you threatened by someone with more intellect & integrity that you, who's come up with better idea's than you? Aye, mate?

Null, as you claim to be a social worker yet are too incompetent to recognise someone with ADHD & PTSD being quite obviously trigged by various low blows & other things throughout their attempts to discuss some pretty complex subject matter & are enough of a CUNT to insinuate they're DELUSIONAL (a massive aspect of the narcissistic abuse they've experienced & subsequent trigger) - you do truely deserve to find your loved ones DEAD under similar circumstances & experience the same level of abuse outlined in Significant Dates leading to flag burning in Victoria Square.... CUNT!!!

Yes, I do wish for Null to find some of his loved ones DEAD under similar circumstances & experience the same level of abuse Significant Dates leading to flag burning in Victoria Square: before having a CUNT like himself suggest he's DELUSIONAL as in the following.


1) Szabo A, Frecska E. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT): a biochemical Swiss Army knife in neuroinflammation and neuroprotection? Neural Regen Res. 2016 Mar;11(3):396-7. doi: 10.4103/1673-5374.179041. PMID: 27127466; PMCID: PMC4828992.

2) Szabo A, Kovacs A, Frecska E, Rajnavolgyi E. Psychedelic N,N-dimethyltryptamine and 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine modulate innate and adaptive inflammatory responses through the sigma-1 receptor of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells. PLoS One. 2014 Aug 29;9(8):e106533. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0106533. PMID: 25171370; PMCID: PMC4149582.

3) Szabo A. Psychedelics and Immunomodulation: Novel Approaches and Therapeutic Opportunities. Front Immunol. 2015 Jul 14;6:358. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2015.00358. PMID: 26236313; PMCID: PMC4500993.

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