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Early Extension Request - A Snap Shot in Time of Technological Transitions whilst at University

Technological advancement is an incredibly relevant subject to Universal Asylum & something I could speak volumes being among the last generation to scrape in being born just in time to watch the evolution of computers & gaming consoles sweep the earth.

Despite exponential growth in information technology throughout my lifetime - when I started University in 2008 many of the University of South Australia systems still required written documents such as this example of an extension request towards the end of the first semester of my degree.

Although I'm unsure I recall much in the way of hand written work aside from possibly during presentations & in exam settings - some assignments in the first year or so were required to be handed to tutors in person in a hard copy form.

This was one of a number of significant transitions in relating information technology that occurred throughout the four years for full time studies I undertook at the University of South Australia between 2008 - 2011. Such transitions are a bit blurry as the requirements for different faculties of different subjects across the University changed at different times. Although I'd started in the Double Degree of Social & Psychological Sciences prior to transferring into Social Work - a year or so after I'd transferred the School of Social Work & School of Psychology merged & changes were made to the Bachelor of Social Work that meant our year missed out on electives.

"Smart-Phones" didn't exist, or at least not amongst the lower to middle classes when I started university & it would have been around 2/3rds of the way through my degree that I purchased my first in the form of an iPhone4.

It's scary to think that my current "Smart Phone" (Samsung S20) is more powerful than the computer (laptop) I bought to undertake my degree just over a decade ago. However, as reflected by my 2010 assignment: [Planning & Evaluation in the Human Services A#03 - "Harnessing Independence"] I was already conceptualising ways in which Information Technology could be incorporated into the development of systems capable of facilitating a broad range of complex objectives more efficiently, effectively & ethically serve the interests of individuals & the collective.

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