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Facebooks DANGEROUS Censorship Policy - Banned Over a Nightmare of an Ex on Dad's Death Anniversary

Facebooks CENSOR-SHIT community standard is DANGEROUS & has undoubtedly contributed to countless SUICIDES by ISOLATING VULNERABLE people. Isolating people is actually a recognised form of relationship abuse & typical of oppressive authoritarian social structures.

We pretend to encourage men to speak as suppression is a recognised contributing factor to suicide yet when they do they are censored.

Yeah, this is a bit of an emotionally confused snapshot of a far longer story & ya know what whilst I can see that the whole situation would have been confronting for Katherine - As far as I'm concerned she couldn't have handled it in a more cruel & cowardice manner. It isn't rational why I'm so hung up on her. I don't understand it. There was a time it seemed like it kind of made sense but know I'm not so sure. Perhaps subconsciously I know it was a scary situation between Covid19 & the nature of our situation. However, it doesn't justify the cruelty.

I'm fucked & don't need to be isolated now. I'm unsure what the worse anniversary was? Dad dying. A few days time when I found him? Rosie Bourne's abuse surrounding his death? All I know is I don't need to be isolated this week!!!

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