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FIO Submissions to OmbudsmanSA from Myself, Psychosocial Recovery Coach & Clinical Psychologist.

The following includes three emails & attached submissions to OmbudsmanSA in response to the Provisional Determination to OmbudsmanSA External Review of Freedom of Information Rejection after South Australia Local Health Network (SALHN) applied for a 20day extension until the 26th of July 2023.

The following submissions include that of my Psychosocial Recovery Coach, Alicia Brookman, Myself & my Clinical Psychologist, Bronwen Winterburn.

"mark parker Thu, Jun 15 at 5:40 PM

Hi Rory, Please find attached a supporting letter from my Psychosocial Recovery Coach' Alicia Brookman, in relation to my Ombudsman case. I hope that this may be of assistance in providing further context of the situation. I will be seeing my Clinical Psychologist tomorrow who was working on drafting a support letter last we spoke. I am happy to provide any other supporting that may be required upon request. Kimd regards, Mark Parker"

"mark parker Tue, Jun 20 at 5:59 PM

Dear Wayne Lines, Due to the nature of queations raised over the agencies conduct and fact that they have elected to apply for an extension in refuting you provisional determination - I have elected to provide the following personal submission in providing the ombusman additional context to the complexities of this case. I appologise in advance for my long winded attempt in constructing what I hope meets the criteria of a persuasive and evidence based argument in consideration of alternate sides to the main specific sections in question. However, this would be unnessessary had SALHN gracefully conceded to your provisional determination. I should have an additional submission from my clinical psychologist & possibly GP if i can arrange an appointment in the the comming days. Yours sincerely, Mark Parker."

"mark parker Sat, Jun 24 at 11:59 AM

Dear OmbudsmanSA I believe my Clinical Psychologist Bronwen Winterburn has already sent a copy of this support letter. However as I was directed over the phone that it would be best to provide documents in response to this email - It seems wise to also follow that directive in ensuring all of the correct documentation arrives in the appropriate place prior to the specified deadline. Apologies if this has created any inconvenience through having the same document sent via separate parties. However, it will bring me peace of mind to have personally forwarded such information in ensuring the above. Yours sincerely, Mark Parker."

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