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Neighbourly Dispute - Rod

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

23rd August 2022

Whilst trying to figure out how to instal the factory roof racks on the Renault around lunch time my neighbour Rod who lives directly below me & has his carpark directly next to mine came out for a chat & to "help". Although early in the afternoon he was showing obvious signs of intoxication in his speech & the manner by which I tolerated his "grabbiness" (such as grabbing at the plastic covers in the side of the roof racks where the key holes are). Nevertheless, as we had reached a degree of amicability since he'd made numerous threats a couple of years before including physical violence, during my van & killing my garden - I have been doing my best to keep the peace. The roof racks worked entirely different to how I'd imagined as I assumed the key would be set up to enable them to be easily taken on & off which wasn't the case.

Although I had my own tools, Rod was excited to race off & grab his for me to use & although I was struggling to tolerate him in ways could see it was his way of trying to interact so was grateful for the gesture. There were a number of occasions where I felt uncomfortable with the conversation where he made reference to my dancing & waved his hands around in a patronising manner suggesting I was gay. This was one of a number of things he said & did that made me uneasy almost he was gaslighting me in manners that were difficult to understand his intention although at times it was clearly bullying despite being dressed up as jokes.

During our conversations I over disclosed that my reason for installing the roof racks was to pick up a freezer. Rod enthusiastically offered to help with the job whilst he questioned my ability to load a freezer on the roof of a vehicle in another cheap patronising shot at me. Of course the last thing I needed was a drunk getting in my way so I told Rod I was in no rush as it was a job I wanted to do properly. He then offered to lend me some extra rope & quick relieve trailer hitches which I doubted would be required but politely accepted just encase & as a way of making him feel he'd "helped".

An hour or so later, around 6:30 - 7:30 that night whilst I was on the phone to my friend Mark & cooking dinner I hear a load knock, knock, knock on my door. I opened the hatch & as it was dark outside was unsure who it was until Rod yelled "OPEN THE FUCKEN DOOR". I sternly replied "NO, I'm cooking dinner & am on the phone". Rod then proceeded to say "open the fucken door you pussy. I invited you into my house, now open the fucken door". I said "NO. There's no way I'm going to open the door to someone who says "open the fucken door" " in a manner that mimicked what he said though not as load. He then denied it & I shook my head as I closed the hatch.

As Mark questioned WTF was that & I filled him in, I could hear Rod outside say - "I can hear you". Although I was mindful of our conversation until I heard Rods front door, Mark agreed not to let him in & although already uncomfortable with the conversation told Mark that I felt that I should return the rope ASAP as I didn't want anything to do with him.

As soon as I got off the phone I packed up the rope & headed down stairs to return the rope. Rod, invited me in & offered me a coffee I declined the offer initially saying I've just eaten dinner, don't drink coffee that late & am going to the shops, he wouldn't take no for an answer & eventually I agreed to a cup of tea but couldn't stay long. As he made me a cup of tea he said he wouldn't be having one & showed me his mug of red wine. I wish I voice recorded the conversation as it was very similar in the manners by which he proceeded to gaslight me swinging between attempting to be friendly & taking cheap shots at me which once again included my dancing & made reference to homosexuality. Before I'd finished my cup of tea he was offering another one & tried all kinds of tricks to keep me there. However, I assertively made it clear that I needed to get to the shops with plenty of time to do my shopping. Right up until my way out the door he was trying to invite me back to "watch a movie" I wish I could recall the name as it may have some hints to his psychology. I refused & said I was busy to which he replied "what busy working on your business?"

26th - 30th August 2022

At some point over the initial days of getting the freezer the following brief conversation took place as I passed Rod whilst racing down the stairs on my way out...

Rod: "Did you get the freezer?". Me: "Yup". Rod: "Can I have a look?" Me: "No!"...

Although brief, I recall jumping in the car & feeling uncomfortable with the situation due to a combination of him demanding entry into my home only says earlier & the fact that a freezer is literally a cubical box with a door on it. Therefore it seemed to me as nothing more than an excuse to come into my home which appeared to be a growing obsession.

1st September 2022 (Thursday)

On the 1st of September I recall hearing music from Rods apartment as I came up the stairs during the afternoon & thinking he was obviously drunk but it sounded like happy music so hopefully he wasn't going to cause me any issues.

In the days prior's I had got into my abandoned University email account & found assignments relevant to my intellectual property surrounding components of Universal Asylums unique organisational structure. This had inspired me to go through trunks of personal belongings I had not been able to face for a decade due to unresolved trauma & grief. I had all kinds of personal treasures sprawled out all over my apartment as I made scanned items & added them to Universal Asylums website such as artworks for the shop & blogs for different overlapping chapters of my life.

Next minute I hear a load "Nock Nock Nock Nock Nock" @ the door... I opened the hatch & it was Rod who said: "Have you got a woman & child in there?" probably looking as confused as I was, after a brief pause to process the question I said "no" to which Rod responded: "Oh, well I guess I'll leave you to it then" before trundling down the stairs faster than I could respond as I slowly closed the hatch thinking to myself "WTF"....

Somewhere between 20 - possibly even 50minutes later I hear an extremely loud & violent sounding BASH, BASH, BASH, BASH, BASH on the door I grabbed the video camera pressed record & placed it on the counter only seconds before there was one single violent slam on the door. I don't know if was a kick, hip & shoulder or as Rod has since claimed "fist" to the door. However, it was one blow & as I thought someone was trying to kick down my door I grabbed the closest thing to me which just happened to be a hammer as I had used it to nock a wall plug into the bricks fixing the blind that had fallen down that afternoon. The video of the blow to the door & me calling 000 is as follows. One has a bit of a back story the other is an 18 second video of the door being kicked. I need to revise the footage as due to not knowing how to operate editing software I have been forced to record recordings for various reasons (in this case to cut out my address).


2nd September 2022 (Friday)

After this I started putting the voice recorder on every time I came & left the property...

As I was leaving to make police report the following day I open my door to find this...

However, due to the nature of the note I am still unsure if it was intended as a genuine sign of remorse or as more of a passive aggressive sarcastic form of narcissism. The fact that he left chocolates & a note is evidence that he at the very least remembers bashing on my door...

However, the way that it is worded is highly questionable. There is no "sorry" or sign of remorse & to tell someone to have a nice weekend after you've caused them that level of stress is either delusional in terms in inconsideration or narcissistic in terms of being sarcastic. Either way it's cause to be concerned.

3-5th September 2022

At some point I walked out to check my mail & of course I happened to walk past Rod in the car park. He said something along "Hi Mark, How ya going?" I couldn't even respond with more than a grunt. Part of me wanted to say "Are you fucken serious? You nearly bash my door down then expect to speak to me like nothings happened!?!" However, I was in bare feet so I uttered little more than a grunt. I'm unsure if I had the voice recorder on & may have to double check (not that it's a priority).

6th September 2022 (Tuesday)

Feeling I had to say something to express assert boundaries I left an AA Big Book with the following message on his doorstep.

7th September 2022 (Wednesday)

Of course, although I'd turned the voice recorder on I left the phone on the seat of the car when I checked the mail when the following occurred...

9th September 2022 (Friday)

Rod barges outside slamming doors & yelling & screaming whilst I was on the phone between 7:30 - 8:00pm just before I turn the video. All the video catches is him saying something along the lines of quite down dickhead at the start of the video which is difficult to hear over my friend. I went kind of quiet & couldn't get a word in edge ways to my friend as I was scared Rod was going try to smash my door in again. After several minutes I put the camera into my bag & try to leave the house. As the camera's in my bag you cannot see it but you can hear Rod come out his door to bail me up on the stairs as soon as I came out mine. I spoke first as I could see him lurking in the dark. He kind of doesn't carry himself too badly. Unfortunately you can't see him try to run up the stairs. He threatens to shove the book up my arse. I actually didn't get a chance to point out to him that I am within my right to have a phone call.

Rod also argues off the point in manner that use every little thing that I've mentioned throughout my attempts to be amicable over the past couple of years as out of context insults. It's hard a due to the video being in my bag you cannot see the way he waves his arms around whilst paying me out about my dancing & suggesting I'm gay which would be besides the point even if I were. He also try's to use the conflict I have with two dance schools lying & claiming to have restraining orders against me for speaking up about unethical conduct & stuff to do with my exes to suggest I'm "anti social". Absolute bullshit. No-one has restraining orders against me. The RSPCA not giving me a reference was because the volunteer co-ordinators don't have contact with me. However, Rod try to manipulate everything I've ever told him in nasty ways to present me as the problem. The worst thing is being called inconsiderate when I have take into consideration the concrete floor in all kinds of ways including carpet & my selection of shoes, etc. However, Rod is completely oblivious to the scary nature of his use of aggression & his obsession to come in my house.


12th September 2022 (Monday)

After spending the entire day indoors I went to check the mail & as I was unlocking the letterbox Rod appeared out of nowhere... This is the Voice recorder footage with subtitles & blank spot where the Voice Recored stops recording whilst I put the live feed on Rod / Letter-box - Straight Audio Footage with Subtitles & silence whilst running Live-feed to FB the conflict occurs around 70 seconds into the recording when Rod appears out of nowhere. By this stage after a week of adrenaline I am admittedly reactive to his accusations of "slander". He starts following me in the initial stages of the conversation & I head out onto the street rather than back to my unit as my front door is locked & I don't want to get trapped. You can hear me make reference to Rod being "a violent man who is following me up the street" as he proceeds to charge towards me taunting me by saying "Run, Run, Run Forrest Run." "Run, Run, Run" which he does a couple of times. Rod was still on the road when i started trying to turn the live-feed on which on it's own looks bad as it looks like I'm following him & the antagonist. However, there were a few things that I needed to say in a safe context such as pointing out the fact that I can't help that the floor is made of concrete & despite trying me best there is only so much I can do. Fortunately, although I am very sharp due to adrenaline etc. Rod does charge towards me again whilst verbally threatening me & also admits to slamming on my door even though he is unable to comprehend the fact that I might find a drunk man slamming on my door intimidating. He denies telling me to "open the fucken door" which he did twice on the 23rd of August whilst I was on the phone cooking dinner. The 1st September when he admits to "slamming" on my door I have on film which provides proof that it had had nothing to do with noise rather his obsession to come in my house. His noise complaint was actually when he bailed me up on the stairs on the 9th of September. Once again Rod try to insult me & uses off topic arguments I really don't do the greatest job of responding to. I have done a rough job of joining the voice recording & live-feed but am shit with technology. Run-in with Rod: Voice Recorder & Live-feed Footage Combined to put into Context. & also attempted to make one with a bit of an intro. However, this has taken far too much of my time as it is. Rod Voice Recorder & Live-feed + Introduction

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