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Not on my watch: Smart medical intervention & centralised medical grade data collection!

Updated: 6 days ago

Whilst Universal Asylum has a broad range of ideas for the incorporation of smart technology into social & medical research, in addition to the facilitation of efficient & accurately informed distribution of resources, etc - Universal Asylum also asserts copirights over certain smart medical devices including devices similar to a smart watch capable of monitoring vital signs such as ECG & respitory function. However with the additional inclusion of technologies related to the administration of emergency medications or treatmentents either as a component of the device itself or as individual third party devices working in conjunction with the smart watch or monitor as either it's primary or secondary host.

At this stage Universal Asylum asserts copy rights as a general concept calable of being configured for the administeration of a broad range of medications or treatments, (wheather through the monitor itself or via a thirdparty device) against different conditions to serve a braod range of potentially interconnected purposes.

Some examples might include Naloxone/Narcan for people at risk of Opiod/Opiate overdose which is particularly relevant to an ageing population with increasing populations requiring narcotic based pain relief as their bodies deteriorate. It may also be possible to configure similar set ups for the administration of Insulin to diabetics. However it is likely that DMT will drastically reduce the needs for such medications.

Whilst in their most basic conceptual phases such smart technologies are anticipated to, on a case by case basis, potentially be required to work in conjunction with other smart technologies in facilitating synergetic actions. Examples of this might include one smart device administering a pharmocological treatment whilst other smart devices perhaps similar to TENS or Defibrillators may be required to aid in stimulating enough cardiovascular circulation for the medications to take effect & where required in extreme cases even restart the heart.

Although I am far from up to date with existing technologies & curent future directions. Based on the rate of technological advancement it is not unrealistic or unreasonable to be asserting the need to work towards the development of smart technologies that are capable of facilitating duel purpose in terms of the provision of medical intervention & collection of data into one central system such as Universal Asylums' One World Leaderless System of Governance - User Interface. for comprehensive multifactorial analysis of various forms. The accumulation of comprehensive data is disigned to efficiently support all fields of science with depersonalised statistical data available to anyone interested in contributing to scientific evolution. This is intended to become a component of ongoing education and collecting contributions to data colloection to inform the management of ecological sustainability. in addition to informing sensible policy such as road rules designed in peoples interests not merely for the sake of revenue.

A major chalange for this is traditional consumer markets & unethical business tactics relient upon creating incompatable devices, creating substandard products to inflate prices of quality products & withholding the release of products of greater quality for the sake of maximising monetary profits at the expence of all other stakeholders.

This is to say that we as a society need to work towards creating a single or minimal selection of compatable smart technologies that are of maximum reliability & durability, & require minimal maintenance in order to coolect accurate data & maximise health outcomes. Not to mention for the sake of ecological sustainability.

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