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Occupational Therapy Functional Capacity Assessment Report Brief More Qualified Personal Insights

I am becoming sick to death of the term "grandiose". As in this instance it is used in conjunction with the term "gestures" I'm assuming this is referring to the fact that I use my arms body & other forms of expression whilst attempting to express myself. I have possibly always done this to some extent. However, 2 years of full time professional dance training has probably has as much influence upon this as my ADHD. Here's an idea, how about rather than inviting upon trying to change me - the world just accepts the way I fucken am. I remember a Social Worker who watched one of my early attempts trying to unpack my trauma describing the way I moved as beautiful. I think she also advised me to slow down & not fluster myself. I don't know it was constructive but less offensive anyways.

Personally, I think I would benefit more from two things. Money to afford healthy activities & regulation of the dance industry to prevent narcissistic scum like James Kilpatrick & Hugo Salcedo lying to have me banned from venues. I don't need someone to hold my hand. I could use some advocacy tho. I don't know how to fix my reputation. It's fucked. I rejected a lying religious mental case who cased so much social & psychological damage I'll be lucky if anyone ever fucks me again. Some people are good to me, but there are enough who have no morals & benefit from the scum above that I'm still treated poorly ever time I go out.

I don't need an "exercise physiologist" I exercise buy dancing. However, I live in a capitalist CUNT society where I cannot afford classes & there are limited opportunities to go out & dance socially without spending a fortune. The main pressures are financial & due to a lack of regulation limiting the places where I can dance. I would benefit from James Kilpatrick who has been banned from being a school teacher due to unethical behaviour being prevented from running dance companies & playing god over who can & can't dance. Dance has the potential to be a low impact healthy recreational activity. Unfortunately, the industry is dominated $cum motivated by money & ego.

Maybe the Alexia AI think might be of assistance assuming it works.

I desperately need to live in a larger environment like a house with a yard so I can have a garden & a shed to put tools etc in. Perhaps instead of stupid workers I'd benefit from a chest of drawers or other forms of storage to put things in, like cupboards. Ones that actually functions. I need space too.

This is incorrect. I don't have enough money. Shopping daily is how I operate most effectively & is most practical due stairs & buying reduced items. I'm actually not bad with money. I recognise my strengths & weaknesses. Yup. I pay the bills first. That's smart. My reasoning for direct debiting Mums account & paying her back is due to the fact that some companies require bank details & by providing hers I avoid $50 dishonour fees due to the bank taking money out at the wrong times. I'm not impulsive with spending at all. Rather to the contrary I'm extremely calculated. I just barely have enough money to survive. Everything I own is rubbish deliberately designed to break quicker than I'm able to replace them so businesses can make more money. I dare say I'm not the only person becoming sick due to being unable to keep up with it. I can't afford to eat vegetables & have no desire to go to the extra effort of cooking them & doing the extra dishes just for me. Eating alone all the time is a depressing chore.

As if Housing SA will spend money to improve the safety of bathrooms that are poorly built & slayed out in a dangerous manner with all kinds of hazards for anyone unfortunate enough to slip over.

This just makes me angry. I don't need capacity building. I spent years building a life by which i was able to function well enough in spite of my deficits to complete a degree & have a great social life. Right up until i rejected a religious mental case who isolated me & tormented & abused me whilst I desperately fought to save my loved ones then screamed in my face that their deaths were "the best thing that ever happened to me" & ran around pretending to be scared to destroy my career as a Social Worker & destroy my reputation socially because she couldn't handle the thought of me fucking anyone else or what others would think if they knew I rejected her.

"Health Literacy" pfft. I dare say I know far more about human health than the person making this assessment who appears incapable of working out that most of my problems are environmental. Whilst she want's to waste tax $ & human capital surrounding me with workers that are only going to get in my way. To be honest the money would be better spent given straight to be to afford suitable living arrangements. Ha. Perhaps an escort to fuck me without emotionally abusing me would help too.

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