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  • Mark Parker

Operation Flinders

I'm unsure which offence committed in Renmark that saw me court ordered to participate in the Operation Flinders program. I was living at Nanna & Grandpa's farm when I completed the program which involved about a 100km walk over 8 days within the flinders rangers.

I remember it being extremely challenging. Firstly, whilst the others had been allowed to chuck in extra money & buy decent hiking boots - as I was picked up along the way I was provided with the cheapest hiking boots that were so bad that within the first day or so resulted in blisters so huge that my entire heals pealed off & were completely raw.

Despite immense pain I pushed on day after day trudging through the mountains. Whilst some days we only traveled roughly 8kms through rougher terrain, others we travelled possibly as far as 17km on later surfaces.

To make things worse I had not been able to score beforehand so I only had a limited amount of dope to smuggle along for the trip. However, I always carried a pipe which along with my personality helped keep me in the loop of working as a team to hold off withdrawal by rationing out the small amount of dope we had between us along with the resin within the pipe.

I don't know how many pouches of White Ox I started with but made sure I wasn't going to run out tobacco too. Tallyho papers did eventually became an issue though after we got many packets wet during a raft building exercise. However, I figured out that if you get the hard sap off of trees & suck on it that it would make your saliva sticky enough to act as glue (no idea how unhealthy that was but it worked). Once were ran out of papers our dope pipe was confiscated on the last day for smoking tobacco through it.

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