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"Psychedelics" & Sex

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

***Disclaimer - Although prematurely published & publicly visible this blog remains a work in progress until this title is removed.

Sex & "psychedelics" opens up an extremely complex conversation with many variables between different "substances" & contexts of their consumption, & nature of any potential sexual activity whilst under the influence of such substances.

Having witnessed various attempts to initiate such conversations that I would have liked to have contributed to & wasn't over comfortable with in different ways, along with the escalation of controversy surrounding the subject - I am nervous attempting to offer some of my own personal insight & experience to the debate.

Essentially the conversation is about sexual safety through evolving trends in the rapidly increasing "use" of "psychedelics" which is arguably as aspect of the "setting" within which such substances are consumed. However, as the conversation is predominantly concerned with the potential for underground "psychedelic facilitators" to inflict sexual abuse upon people seeking such therapies - I feel inclined to assert that I am not an "underground facilitator" & acknowledge that my vast personal experience with such substances has predominately been undertaken by myself & (aside from my experience with LSD as a teen) my consumption of such substances in the company of others is limited to smoking DMT with two male friends, two underground circles & countless doses with two women I was actively sexually involved with prior to consuming "psychedelics" together. Having said this, between the above, active addiction & my recovery from substance use - I possess over 25years experience in caring for people in vulnerable & otherwise altered states of consciousness.

Despite, having only sat two circles ("mushrooms" & "Kambo") neither of which were conducive of or appropriate for sexual activity, I've endured countless experiences consuming various "psychedelics" with different sexual partners on occasions where the possibility of "sexual activity" were discussed prior to dosing & common decency regarding consent practiced throughout the encounters. Although, I personally don't find the majority of psychedelic plant medicines overly sexually stimulating, based on such experiences & my own personal experience with hyper-arousal combined with indulgence with pornography - I would never consume a certain psychedelic with non sexual partners due to the extremely intimate yet outright debaucherous nature of sexual stimulation it typically induces. However, for the same reasons I have absolutely no reservations about consuming it in the right company & under the right circumstances.

Although predominantly healing for all parties involved, I have certainly endured traumatic experiences where confronted by malignant entities which on one occasion was also accompanied by the contraction a serious viral infection (not to my knowledge typically associated with sex). Although, I expect some will question this, the experience fits with literature urging caution that taking substances which essentially open "the gates" to purge sickness can too, under the wrong conditions, increase the likelihood of contracting sickness from a third party. I have also had countless psychologically confronting experiences involving indescribable sexual activity & other forms of intimacy that have raised more questions than answers & I am still processing.

In addition to this the dissolution of ego whilst in an anomalistically/"demonically" amorous state has the potential to result in people willingly partaking in sexual activity they perhaps otherwise typically wouldn't. Although this raises obvious questions regarding consent it also arguably raises the subjectivity surrounding which is to be considered the truer state of mind in consensually engaging in sexual activity. Based on extensive experience I have personally avoided consuming the particular psychedelic with one of my male friends due to fear that we'd end up fucking one another. This in itself raises all kind of questions as to which part of me is really me & more capable of providing consent in exploring my sexuality unencumbered by the influence of social conditioning. This is to say the dissolution of ego has the potential to result in wilful engagement in sexual activity that are potentially true to repressed subconscious desires yet to the contrary of the regular value systems of more superficial levels of consciousness. Obviously this has all kinds of psychological implications & whilst I'm not necessarily suggesting that deep down inside I subconsciously want to fuck my mate (which is entirely possible) it would likely be challenging for both of us to process if we dosed & ended up going to town on one another. However, considering we're both fairly open minded, I am also open to the possibility that consuming the same substance in the company of the right mutually inclined women could potentially facilitate less confronting exploration of sexuality unencumbered by the parameters of ego & cultural conditioning.

Then there is the fact that people consume different substances for different reasons regardless of whether this fits with how others feel they "should be taken". After all, combining " "sex", "drugs" & "rock n roll" " is hardly a new concept. The fact that such combinations are unlikely to always fit with everyone's tastes highlights the fact that asside from those involved no-one should be the arbitrator of anyone else's alleged sexual conduct & associated kinks. Assuming we're talking about two or more consenting adults who are informed about the associated risks - each an every individual should arguably have right to make their own informed personal decisions.

Based on my broader experience with different "psychedelics" I can certainly see the potential for people to be taken advantage of sexually whilst within a physically unaware state of consciousness after consuming substances such as Ayahuasca. There is also the potential for sexual favours to be used as bartering tool in exchange for access to psychedelics from desperate people. This obviously presents very real dangers with people seeking such therapies from "underground practitioners" which is unfortunately one of the very real harsh realities of circumstances created by prohibition.

Whilst allegations of sexual misconduct are frequent enough to warrant serious discussions surrounding the subject there currently isn't enough evidence to determine whether this is to any greater extent than other social contexts. This is not to suggest that sexual misconduct is ok under any circumstances rather that the subject would not be used as an excuse to demonise the use of such substances or further inhibit thorough & efficient research into the profound holistic therapeutic value they offer society.

Although the diverse holistic therapeutic value of such substances has the potential to revolutionise western medicine where there are practice standards surrounding sexual misconduct, restricting their use to the arbitration to the medical industry is only going to contribute to dangers associated with the underground use of such substances.

The rapidly increasing demand, evolving trends & expanding communities associated use of such substances highlights the desperate need for the establishment of an organisation centred around facilitating thorough & efficient clinical research into the therapeutic value of such substances, whilst working with existing psychedelic communities & key stakeholders in the development of a comprehensive plan for their reintegration into society.

Universal Asylum has made it clear that reintegration of "psychedelics" as a key component of its futuristic model of society is not only the only way for our shit species to embrace the holistic therapeutic value of such substances but is also the only realistic way of reducing harms associated with their use. Yes, this is an absolutely enormous endeavour that will require many complex conversations to be facilitated between key stakeholders such as relevant Government Departments, Organisations & existing psychedelic communities.

In conclusion, Universal Asylum advocates for a society where: if however many consenting adults wish to consume psychedelics & fuck like gods (providing they're not harming one another or anyone else) - they should be free to safely do so without the need for approval of a tiny cocked coward doctor or others void of relevant experience.

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