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Research Project & Government Report - Case Management within Centrelink. Student Placement 2010

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

I wrote the following Government report as in presenting the results of a research project I undertook throughout my first student placement at Centrelink in 2010. Apparently the results of my work were referenced in at least one other government report by time my placent had been signed off.

I was proud particularly proud of such an achievement as my work with centrelink primarily involved a client group that once upon a time had included me. During the project I discovered a clear difference in the challages reported by workers in the Adelaide Hills that was consistent with my experience living up there early in my complete independence as Unreasonable to Live at Home Youth Allowance recipient from 15-17. Statistically, I was doing well against the adversity I'd faced.

Although my supervisor was very pleased with the level of competence I demonstrated through out my work it was noted that I needed greater confidence in my abilities.

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