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Woolshed Therapeutic Community 2016

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Haha. One of two artists during my 2nd round at the woolshed I certainly contributed to raising the bar on car standards over that period. I didn't mean to but was actually asked to tone them down a little as apparently some people had found it discouraging to compete with in addition to the problem of people taking card standards personally on the receiving end

Welcome Card:

30 Days Clean & Sober Card:

The Section They Were Scared to Include in My 30 Days Clean & Sober Card:

60 Days Clean & Sober Card:

I nearly didn't get a card to celebrate my 60days clean due to an extremely narcistic man named Charles (who has since passed away) deliberately sabotaging it. I had made it clear from the start leading up to my 30days that the milestones that I would be celebrating were in relation to clean-time/sobriety (days, weeks, months & years) as opposed to how many days I'd been at the Woolshed (which meant nothing to me).

I actually recall being surprised & feeling uneasy by the look on his face when Charles volunteered to make my "60 Days" as I happened to be the RC (Resident Coordinator) in card of the community at the time & he was the one person who NEVER volunteered to make cards. Of course, as things turned out this wasn't out of good will rather an opportunity to in a highly cunning, dishonest & manipulative manner sabotage my celebration. He waited right up until the "Work Day" had finished the night before proceeding to inform me that the current RC Michele had "told him not to make me a card because I hadn't been at the woolshed for 60 days". I'm unsure if he didn't expect me to question Michelle or simply knew after "nock off" it was too late for her to call a Community Meeting to arrange for someone else to do it & difficult to otherwise arrange as everyone was busy with other program commitments which made time an extremely limited & valuable resource there.

As I was emotionally distraught over the situation it took me a little while to confront Michelle. However, of course when I asked her she was completely shocked by the situation & was emotionally supportive as she felt it should be up to the individual whether they celebrate days clean or days at the Woolshed. Nevertheless, due to a combination of the reasons stated & possibly not being overly confident in the RC role (Which people rarely are) Michele didn't really know how to manage the situation.

In the end another housemate Piotr (who has also since tragically passed away - may he rest in peace) was so disgusted to learn of such a nasty manipulative act that he literally dropped whatever he was doing & said something along the lines of "right, that's it, don't worry - there's not way I'm gonna leave you to celebrate your 6Days without a card" & slapped together the following before curfew...

90 Days Clean & Sober Card:

My Son Kaleb's 15th Birthday Card:

I made my son Kaleb a special birthday card for his 15th birthday.

Of course he'd reached that age where he naturally had two or three things on his mind girls, motorbikes & money to afford the motorbikes to get to the girls, etc. So... I made the card wish a special secret pocket to hide the money...

& boobs...

Of course, behind the 15th birthday flap I wrote a special 15th birthday father son talk about the birds & the bee's. It's personal & like to believe I did a good job at being a responsible parent in regards to my approach to the subject.

Coincidentally I think he ended up with a later version of exactly the same bike featured on the back. I think he got like a 2018 WR450 of something - the thought of which scares the absolute hell out of me as a bike like that's almost as dangerous as women!!!

My 34th Birthday Card:

365 Days Aka 12 Months or 1 YEAR - Clean & Sober Card:

My Art whilst at the Woolshed 2016:

The following artworks are included & available for purchase in Universal Asylums Founding Artwork Shop whilst stocks last. I will include links for your convenience when possible....

I don't know if the fad or movement "Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun" is still "a thing". However it was back when I was at the Woolshed in 2016 & inspired the following doodle which offended someone when I left it on the fridge so I took it down. Anyways this was my best ever attempt at "Drawing Dicks on The Herald Sun"

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