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Aging Population

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

We are rapidly approaching a catastrophic health crises due to the fact that as things stand we do not have the human capital to support our ageing population. In 2007 the University of South Australia estimated that in 20-30 years (depending on demographics, etc) everyone would either be the elderly or employed looking after the elderly.

Obviously, this is physically impossible as it leaves no human capital to undertake other roles in providing good & services necessary for the broader running of society. Of course, as much as I hate to break it to those of my parents generation - as things currently stand, your superannuation's worthless!

This is to say that we are rapidly approaching circumstances that without comprehensive & timely social reform will inevitably lead to collapse of our entire social structure as health care systems exceed critical mass. Obviously, this is an enormous problem that requires urgent attention & innovative forward thinking. However, this elephant in the room never gets so much as a mention politically.

Learning of this particular problem early in my first of four years full time studying my Bachelor of Social Work has served one of my greatest inspirations in developing adequate human understanding to formulate an alternate social structure capable of facilitating the interests of EVERYONE & EVERYTHING.

Unfortunately, despite no shortage of attempts, I'm yet to come up with an effective means of raising this complex issue & introducing such a macro scale solution to society.

In ways it is fortunate that I had my reputation & career so devastatingly sabotaged. Although it has put me well behind schedule I would have otherwise never been in a desperate enough position to figure out the extreme holistic therapeutic value DMT potentially offers this problem. Although it's neuro-regenerative qualities are one of the more obviously significant actions capable of decreasing pressures surrounding neuro-degenerative conditions such as dementia, alzheimer's disease, etc, every aspect of it's potential to support the general health of our elderly & working age human capital will help ease pressures on our health systems & broader society if it is possible to overcome systemic barriers to thoroughly & efficiently facilitating it's reintegration into society.

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