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*Old News from 2020 - in relation to Universal Asylums previous attempt to see DMTs anti-viral actions clinically tested against Covid-19. 

The founder of Universal Asylum, Mark Parker an Unsanctioned Researcher & qualified Social Worker is certain in having identified a substance that offers extremely promising therapeutic value & broader viability as a prospective treatment for Covid-19.

In clarification of this, the viability of the proposed treatment can be measured in respect to three main attributes… 

Firstly - the existence of pre-existing scientific evidence strongly indicating the particular substance offers significant potential therapeutic value as an "antiviral" catalyst in the treatment of Covid-19. 

Secondly - The substance has proven safe in previous scientific research involving human participants which is extremely advantageous in respect to fast-tracking approval for testing it's therapeutic value against Covid-19 in clinical trials.​

Finally - It is realistic to mass produce the substance on a scale sufficient for the treatment of the global population providing this is approached responsibly in ensuing it is undertaken in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

In addition, assuming this substance can be developed into an effective treatment for Covid-19, Mark Parker also has a proposal for its administration that represents an alternative means (to vaccination) for building herd immunity.

For the initial brief general description of the nature of the prospective Covid19 treatment prior to being able to disclose specific details - please refer to the following blog post

Nature of Prospective Covid-19 Treatment

For a full detailed disclosure thoroughly outlining the hypothesis on DMT & similar substances & their complex holistic therapeutic value in the treatment of Covid19 & other conditions, including a comprehensive reference list of medical science articles supporting all major claims please refer to

N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & Other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients

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Viable Covid-19 Treatment, 2020.: Text
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