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Who am I, where do I cum from, WTF am I about & all dat jizz!?!

As my story consist of many complex chapters this section is likely to remain under construction for some time.  Therefore, in doing my best to keep things in some kind of orderly chronological fashion - I have included a number of earlier "unlinked" sections are intended to initially serve as markers as I do my best to work backwards with what I've got (all of which required refinement) whilst gradually filling in the gaps.

Roughly midway through this process & after successfully logging into my abandoned University of South Australia email account & finding invaluable evidence of the my intellectual property & ownership of various components of "Universal Asylums" unique organisation structure between 2008 & 2011 - I found myself inspired to sift through trunks of personal belongings I have been too traumatized to sort through over the past decade. In doing so I have found all kinds of treasures & pieces of the puzzle that have so far lead to countless additional blogposts which are likely to evolve as I do my best to as clearly present the extremely complex story of my evolution throughout time & how I came to be investing/risking everything what remains of my shattered life into fighting to actualise my dream & career ambition of founding an organisation capable to saving ourselves & this magical world we depend upon from ourselves & one another.   


Where did I CUM from?...

Brotherhood & Sibling Rivalry - A Bitter/Sweet Threat to my Rightful Place as Centre of the Universe

Early Childhood - Two Loving Parents Best Attempts to Prepare their Children for the Big Bad World!

Sea to the Sewer - New Kid in Town, Arseholes, Authority & early Addiction.

Down on the farm.

Unreasonable to Live at Home - "Finding" my place in this world, out on my own in the Adelaide Hells

Dads Fight to Save his "Crazy Diamond" from himself & the "War on Drugs" [1999 - 2004]

Recovery: Learning the Dance of Life. Self-discovery, Salsa & Social Work [2004 - 2010]

Dancing with the DEVIL - The one true PSYCHOPATH I've ever encountered!!! [2010]

Narcissistic Discard - Gaslighting & Deaths Weaponised in Sabotaging my Career & Reputation Socially

​Catapulted into Chaotic Perpetually Traumatic Cycle of Relapse & Rehabilitation I Somehow Survived

Early Unsanctioned Experimental Research into the Therapeutic Value of Entheogenic Substances.

Criminal History - Lock me up & Throw Away the Key!!!


"AUTO"-BIOGRAPHY: Who am I, where do I cum from, WTF am I about & all dat jizz!?!: Team Members
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