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Updated: Jul 2, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

On the flip side of maintaining & promoting transparency, Universal Asylum holds a strong anti-censorship stance.

Whilst there will always be conduct that should perhaps be discouraged, in most cases censorship is not the answer & in many ways has become a dangerous aspects of contemporary society. The recklessly dangerous censorship sold as "community standards" that prevent adults from having adult conversations about adult subjects - needs to stop. Such sencorship is outright dangerous & has the potential to cost lives, thus warrants further discussion & advocacy on a community level.

In addition to it's more direct dangers, censorship is also problematic in terms of inhibiting the development of a healthier & more fluently adaptive universal culture that embraces diversity in a an open-minded & compassionate manner in endeavouring to minimise the prevalence of binary divisions & problems associated with these.

Another significant aspect of Universal Asylums proposed automated information technology systems is components or features similar to that of social media platforms yet tied in with a broad range of other features capable of accumulating complex combinations of information for the purpose of efficiently & accurately informing social policy & the distribution of resources between services, etc. For this to work the general public needs to be able to speak freely & openly in language variations used across all demographics. At Universal Asylum we understand that many people say words like shit, fuck & cunt, & that's ok & whilst we also strongly encourage people not to be fucken shit cunts we are also realistic that people are likely to at times fall short of such ideals.

For more on censorship follow the link to the Censor-Shit video I made after Facebook censored Universal Asylums' anti-censorship advertisement & others related to the subject...

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