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Dad's Eulogy, Funeral Card & Some Personal Sentiments...

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Dad's Eulogy written by Mum:

Although Dad was estranged from everyone but me aside from the christmas we spent with my Cousins in the photo above - Everyone on Mum's side of our Family attended his funeral. Not just to support me & my brother Durc. Dad had been with Mum at least 16-18year I believe & made a big impression on the family.

As Aunty Chris mentioned above - Dad was devastated by my uncle Tonys death as the result of being taken out by a hoon driver only a year or so earlier. It was like our family didn't have a death for 20 years before & then we were all torn apart. After over a decade I don't think any of us have fully recovered.

Aunty Julie (below) even mentioned time with Uncle Tony & I remember when they both had boats...

I also remember them sharing interests in martial arts. I have to ask Grandpa about the story but I'm pretty sure in his younger days grandpa gave dad some instructions to remover some fences whilst grandpa was probably away shearing or something. Haha. & when Grandpa arrived home Dad was all proud to have completed the job only to find he'd removed to wrong fences. Probably pissed knowing Dad at that age.

I miss my Dad & am still so fucked up by all the abuse that I can't bring myself to do his ashes. The timings not right & I don't have anyone to support me though something like that. It is also a huge thing for my broth who had a very different & not so positive relationship with my father so when the time comes we will require our own supports. I'm not ready anyways.

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