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Updated: Jul 2, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

Our species desperately needs to consider appropriate reform of our education systems to suit the rapidly evolving technological advancements & increasingly complex challenges faced by contemporary society.

Basically since the industrial revolution education has played a huge role in social control in terms of ensuring children are accounted for whilst people are at work & in teaching people to conform rather than think in a critical & interdependent fashions, in producing human capital to undertake a broad range of predominately labor based roles in society. However, we have reached a point in technological advancement where we are increasingly able to hand over labor based roles to the care of machines & require more socially adaptive human capital capable of keeping up with the complexities of our rapidly evolving society.

In achieving the above Universal Asylum emphasises the urgent need to ensure ongoing education is freely available to all members of our species with "Education" proposed to serve as a component in the "stratification" of futuristic "employment" structures. This is to say that education should not only freely available & ongoing but also potentially serve as a paid component of futuristic economic reform.

Additionally, as technology reduces hard labor & the pressures of our ageing population increase - so does our need for human capital to be conditioned to possess greater levels of compassion & understanding if we are to provide humane care for our elderly & one another whilst doing so & as our loved ones inevitably come to pass. Universal Asylum recognises the need to look at how we raise generations with the right qualities to undertake such roles.

Whilst there will always remain a need for certain levels of continuity surrounding literacy & numeracy, etc. in many respects we need to begin exploring & encouraging people to apply psychoanalytical frameworks that facilitate the development of deeper & more complex understandings of themselves whilst embracing diversity in manners that enable people to safely evolve naturally.

These are huge complex conversations. However, our species needs to take a good look at where we're heading & start considering reform of education systems to better prepare younger generations for a rapidly evolving future (assuming we don't destroy ourselves flogging the same dead horse in the mean time).

Special thanks to my all time favorite MILF Kendra Lust for her highly inspirational teachings about the important aspects of life. Xo

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