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Email to Local MP re Prospective Covid19 Treatment

Dear David Pisoni,

I am a Social Worker & an Unsanctioned Researcher who over the past five years has undertaken extensive experimental research into the therapeutic value of a range of substances. Although my research has been more centred around PTSD & other health conditions it has lead me to the identification of a particular substance that possesses extreme potential therapeutic value in the fight against Covid-19. 

I am contacting you as my local Member of Parliament for guidance on how I might proceed in raising this matter to the awareness of our Prime Minister as his executive powers will be necessary in the approval of appropriate authorities to proceed with working towards testing & implementation of the prospective treatment(s). Under regular circumstances such permits would be extremely difficult & time consuming to acquire however due to the critical nature of the circumstances we are currently facing & with the strength of the science supporting my prospective Covid-19 treatment - I expect the Prime Minister is the only person in the country with the power to green-light such a critically important endeavour. 

As specified on my website, I am proposing my business' Universal Asylum, to be signed over to a Charitable Non Government Organisation status, & thereafter 51% executive shares of patents & ownership rights associated with the prospective treatment(s) be signed over to the organisation. Once the ownership rights & appropriate authorities are attained & Universal Asylum is officially a charity, it will then be possible to consider crowd funding & government backing of the project. I have named a number of highly reputable professionals that I would like to invite to form the core team around me for this endeavour. However, due to the scale & serious nature of the global emergency we face once appropriate authorities are signed over to myself &/or Universal Asylum, the organisation will require significant support in establishing the terms upon which the Government & other appropriate organisations are to work collaboratively on this project in ensuring efficient testing & delivery of the treatment to the community. 

There are also major considerations as to the position that a viable Covid-19 treatment places Australia on an international scope in terms of National Security. As suggested on the Universal Asylum webpage, I am considering offering access to the treatment in exchange for control of all world governments with the long term goal of decommissioning global defence systems & comprehensive reform of our entire socioeconomic & sociopolitical structures that I have spent the past decade or so designing whilst undertaking & since the completion of my Social Work degree.  Now I understand that this is slightly ambitious. However given the severity of the global crises our species is facing & the confidence I have in the treatment I have identified - it's not entirely unrealistic & if at all possible it's certainly likely to produce better outcomes than 270billion dollars worth of missiles. 

Anyway, before getting too far ahead of ourselves. First thing first. The most efficient way I see of determining what have to offer - is to work towards arranging a meeting with Scott Morison, any legal figures such patents attorneys & those responsible for special permits relating to controlled substances, as well as medical science experts necessary in the verification of scientific evidence supporting the viability of my prospective Covid-19 treatment that I intend upon presenting before the Prime Minister once the ownership of my work is secure. Depending upon the logistics of such a meeting assuming something along such lines can be arranged - I have a number of trusted professional contacts who may be appropriate to extend invitations to such a briefing. 

Although the above covers the main aspects of what I anticipate may be along the lines the initial steps necessary in working towards initiating the exploration of my prospective Covid19 treatment - such negotiations are well beyond my experience & general scope as a Social Worker, particularly in such challenging & out of the ordinary times. 

I would be grateful for any opportunity to partake in further discussions of the above in elaborating upon any questions you may have & hearing any thoughts & guidance you may be able to offer. 

Yours Sincerely,

Mark Parker

Bachelor of Social Work,

University of South Australia , 2012.

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