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Email to Prime Ministers Office re. Prospective Covid19 Treatment 28 July 2020

"Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison,

I am a qualified Social Worker & an Unsanctioned Researcher who over the past five years has undertaken extensive experimental research into the therapeutic value of a range of substances. Although, originally motivated by & centred around entirely different conditions, such research has lead me to the identification of a particular substance that possesses extremely promising therapeutic value as an antiviral catalyst in the fight against Covid-19. 

I believe that there is sufficient pre-existing scientific evidence to warrant more detailed research into this substance & to justify express approval towards frontline use in this current global state of emergency. However I do not have the resources to achieve this without some form of state & institutional backing. The substance in question has also been proven safe for administration in human trials which is highly advantageous in terms of fast tracking it’s testing against Covid-19. 

In addition, assuming this substance can be developed into an effective treatment, I have a proposal for its administration that represents an alternative means (to vaccination) for building herd immunity. Obviously this is a unusual claim and a potentially substantial project, which requires further explanation. However, I have done my best to keep this initial contact brief and general awaiting counsel on processes and information required in ensuring ownership of my work remains secure. 

Another extremely high advantage of the substance in question is that is possible to affordibly mass produce providing considerations are made into doing so in a responsible & environmentally sustainable manner. 

After months of not knowing who to approach & how, & going about things in all the wrong ways, I have finally resorted to what really should have been my first point of call - contacting the Prime Minister via the Prime Ministers office directly.  As the Prime Minister, you are the only person in the country with the executive powers necessary to facilitate fast-tracked approval of appropriate authorities to proceed with working towards testing & implementation of the prospective treatment(s) as a matter of urgency. Under regular circumstances such permits would be extremely difficult & time consuming to acquire (as in years or perhaps even decades of red-tape) however due to the critical nature of this global emergence & with the strength of the science supporting my prospective Covid-19 treatment - I expect that as the Prime Minister you have the power & authority to green-light such a critically important endeavour. 

As specified on my website, I am proposing my business' Universal Asylum, is to be signed over to a Charitable Non Government Organisation status, & thereafter 51% executive shares of patents & ownership rights associated with the prospective treatment(s) be signed over to the organisation. Once the ownership rights & appropriate authorities are attained & Universal Asylum is officially a charity - I am open to negotiations surrounding the level & nature of Governmental & institutional collaboration necessary in ensuring the testing & delivery of the Prospective Covid-19 Treatment is undertaken as thoroughly & efficiently as possible. 

Throughout previous attempts to publicly announce my treatment via social media & my website I have named a number of highly reputable professionals that I would like to invite to form the core team around me for this endeavour. However, I am fully aware & understanding of the fact that a project of such a large scale & during such critical circumstances will require far greater collaborative support. 

There are also major considerations as to the position that a viable Covid-19 treatment places Australia internationally, particularly in terms of National Security.  In terms of basic economics, possession of a viable Covid19 treatment would instantly make Australia the most powerful country in the world. However, as suggested on the Universal Asylum webpage, I am considering offering access to the treatment in exchange for control of all world governments with the long term goal of decommissioning global defence systems & comprehensive reform of our entire socioeconomic & sociopolitical structures that I have spent the past decade or so designing whilst undertaking & since the completion of my Social Work degree.  Now I understand that this is slightly ambitious. However given the severity of the global crises our species is facing & the confidence I have in the treatment I have identified - it's not entirely unrealistic & if at all possible it's certainly likely to produce better outcomes than 270billion dollars worth of missiles. 

Anyway, before getting too far ahead of ourselves. First thing first. I expect that the most efficient means of establishing whether my prospective Covid19 treatment holds any value at all - is to work towards arranging a meeting for the singing of paperwork related to patents & ownership rights associated with my academic material & the prospective treatment(s), as well as in signing executive shares of these over to universal Asylum. Once the ownership of my work is secure, it will then be possible to openly discuss the nature of the prospective treatments with yourself & in the company of medical scientists & other professionals of your choice who will be able to more efficiently interpret aspects of the scientific evidence supporting the prospective treatments. 

As I have put everything I have from the change of my DSP into attempting to found Universal Asylum & alert the public to the fact that I have identified a viable Covid-19 treatment - now’s probably a good time to acknowledge that I am in no position to pay to cover the administrative or legal cost associated with patents or the ownership rights of my prospective treatment. I’m unsure how many Billions of $ per whatever the Australian economy is currently loosing so I trust that it may not be too much to ask for the government to wave the fees or at least set up an affordable payment option tailored to my current income. 

I have been & still am so scared I am going to get ripped off for my work & loose control of my research. Over the past five years I have developed great insight & understanding of the particular substance, it's working parameters, what is & isn’t relevant of existing scientific attempts to understand the substance, etc. & everything you need me to know to advise a team of medical professions the administration of the particular substance against Covid-19. I am willing & able to accompany those on the front line in our ICU’s until I am no longer required & am able to return to more tradition Social Work-y type roles running Universal Asylum, which will potentially be the first Charitable Non Government Organisation with enough wealth behind it to really make the world a better place.

Since I first started publicly announcing that I have a Viable Covid19 treatment, I’ve also copped a lot of flack from people who just don’t believe me, been trolled online, called crazy, received nasty prank phone calls & messages, & even have the hand painted sign writing on my Van vandalised. It’s soul destroying & makes me question whether our species is even worth saving.

It’s also incredibly frustrating witnessing more & more people falling ill & dying each day, whilst I feel like I’m screaming as loud as I can with no one listening. My biggest fear is that it spreads to Adelaide as the woman I am in love has a child with an auto immune condition who will die if I am unable to get my treatment tested & on the front line in time to save him. then there’s the rest of my family & loved ones who are also vulnerable. I know everyone’s stressed. But knowing you know how to treat & not knowing how to get that message though to the appropriate people has been the most powerless feeling I have ever experienced. 

I don’t know what else to say or how to word this to increase the likelihood of being taken seriously. It’s getting late & I should probably leave it to be proof read but I know when I wake up tomorrow more people will be sick & more people will have lost the lives of their loved ones so it almost seems there’s no time to waste & I should just send the email as it is.    

Yours Sincerely,

Mark Parker

Bachelor of Social Work,

University of South Australia , 2012."

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