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Third World First

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

A component of the global socioeconomic reform necessary for environmental conservation of our oceans & broader ecological systems includes reform of global markets particularly in respect to first world exploitation of third world countries.

Such reform serves as a double edged sword in terms of humanitarianism & environmental conservation. If we wish to avoid the impending ecological disaster we currently face we need our entire species on the same page in terms of environmental standards. In achieving this we need to work together to relieve pressures globally rather than fighting over resources & backing vulnerable people & communities on various corners of the globe into desperate positions where they are forced to cut corners to the detriment of all..

Obviously, this is an extremely complex endeavor that will require immense consideration. However, such endeavors are arguably a matter of urgency if we wish to survive as a species & will inevitably require the first world to take ownership & make appropriate amends for our part in this whole mess. Beside from an ethical perspective & for the sake of humanity it's quite simply the right fucken thing to do.

On the subject of racism I recently found the following University Assignment I wrote early in my Social Work degree: Human Service Provision (2008): A#02 - Colonialism & Australian Indigenous People

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