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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

Universal Asylum is confused by the absurd direction the gender debate has taken over the past decade.

According to the strand of feminist theory know as Queer Theory, "Gender" basically only really exist as a socially constructed load of crap tied in with the imposition of traditional patriarchal systems. In their analysis of gender queer theorists clearly define "Sex" as being based on anatomical features whilst acknowledging that even these are quite commonly not necessarily "black & white", particularly at chromosomal levels.

Gender on the other hand is defined in terms of the socially constructed characteristics associated with traditional ideas of masculinity & femininity that are typically taught to (or imposed upon) children based on superficial perceptions of their anatomical sex.

In addition to deconstructing traditional binaries surrounding sex & gender to the point that they become meaningless Queer Theorists critically examine the infinite nature of what possibly constitutes a sexual act & the absurdity of attempting to group & attach binary labels to either sex, gender or sexuality.

Acknowledging the highly problematic nature of indoctrinating children into prescribed gender binaries in addition to culturally imposed arbitration of "sexuality" Universal Asylum aligns itself with Queer Theorists & other strands of Feminism & Sociology that essentially advocate for Gender to be ruled obsolete & gradually phased out by raising future generations with a more healthy balance of "Masculine" & "Feminine" traits regardless of anatomic Sex.

As opposed to confusing the utter fuck out of everyone by creating countless new "Genders"!!!

For a referenced example of some of my early University level attempts at understanding Queer Theory throughout my Social Work degree & how it may be applied to the deconstruction of social constructs such as "Gender" please refer to the blog on my 2008 work: Sociology Assignment - Queer Theory

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