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After a lifetime obsessed with snakes & childhood dream of someday owning a python I realised that dream in 2009 when I finally bought Leggs. As it was a big investment being a pet I fell in love with Leggs a Diamond Python which I immediately fell in love with & invested over $700 for from Scales & Tales on Kilburn Rd. I justified it as Leggs was beautiful & if I were to get a pet I might as well invest in something that I really liked.

When I purchased Leggs the bloke at Scales & Tails told me that if anything ever goes wrong with him to bring him to him & no to take him to a vet as vets don't know what they're talking about.

I Bought a trophy cabernet & decked out the bottom section for him so he had plenty of height to climb if I can ever find a photo of it set up.

Over the winter Leggs stopped eating which was kinda typical & being inexperienced I kind of left him be given he was likely hibernating. However, when it came time to shed he had serious issues & I noticed a stiffness about 6inches or so up his neck. I took him back to Scales & Tales & the CUNT blamed it on me, accusing me of neglect & claiming he'd never seen anything so bad in his lis life. Distraught I rang around vets & finally found one out at salisbury who'd see him...

The following X-rays revealed calcification of Legg's spine which was most likely genetic but had nothing to do with my care...

In the end Leggs had to be put down immediately. I remember crying so hard that I couldn't drive & had to pull over for 20minutes or so to pull myself together. I wanted to go back to Scales & Tails & shove the X-rays up the CUNTs arse & have since heard that at least three other Diamond Pythons around that time had serious problems that resulted in them either dying or having to be put down.

I took me many years before it felt right to buy Psychotria as i didn't just want to replace Leggs.

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