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Planning & Evaluation in the Human Services A#03 - "Harnessing Independence"

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Although yet to thoroughly examine this assignment thoroughly due to being overwhelmed by emotion accessing my abandoned University Email account & finding all kinds of work I put my heart & soul into prior to having my life so cruel torn apart, & despite being restricted by subject curriculum - this assignment provides a mini model pilot program demonstrating that my intellectual property surrounding components of what I have been more recently referring to as "Universal Asylums' One World Leaderless System of Governance - User Interface" was well underway with concepts such as the incorporation of Information Technology in conceptualising the "Dynamic Eco-map". I don't know if I'm the first person to consider bringing an eco map to life via the inclusion of the dimension of time & applying the concept to undertaking multi faceted ranges of micro, mezzo & macro objectives. However, by 2010 I was balls deep in developing such concepts despite being restricted somewhat by University curriculum.

My computer-generated illustrations are extremely basic & fail to truly depict the complexities & fluency of the complex measures I was attempting to conceptualise. However, my computer literacy skills were very basic & it happened to be the year the iPhone4 marked a leap in smartphone technology amongst the masses. Unfortunately at times I was also admittedly too afraid of having some of my best ideas stolen to include them in my work.

Although in it's basic most form this assignment was clearly intended as a "polite program" in the early states of conceptualisation of something of a far grander scale in terms of forming components of Universal Asylums' - User Interface.

I'm sure I recently came across a copy of the marked version of this assignment. However, was silly trying to scan things chronologically & seem to have misplaced it so will hopefully update when possible. Based purely on names without having time to read - I also believe the introduction to this assignment can be found via the link below:

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