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  • Mark Parker

Political (C)erectness

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

Political correctness is another extremely dangerous culturally perpetuated, peer pressure / group-think style form of censorshit or oppression that is in many ways detrimental to the progression of society.

The basic premise is that you are expected to play pretend with all the fake cunt politicians or risk social exclusion.

However, rest assured. With Universal Asylums automated One World Leaderless System of Governance you will never have to worry about sucking the limp dicks of shit-cunt politicians ever again.

In fact this will alleviate immense amounts of stress & mental health issues cause by people being forced to decipher bullshit from a pack of dishonest wankers with such little morals or integrity they typically resort to constantly causing unnecessary conflict & political divides to disguise their self serving hidden agendas.

The following publication:

provides discussion re. the suppression of information that can be related in various ways to the political suppression of the research I am currently exposing.

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