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Psychosocial Anonymous

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

Whilst on one hand Universal Asylum advocates on behalf of the people for the reduction of systemic pressures on the general population in facilitating the transition from a fear based society to a more courageous & loving culture. On the other, offering an appropriate platform to facilitate dynamic processes of introspective self analysis & capacity building throughout individual development is an essential component of such transitions.

As 12step fellowships played such a pivotal role in my understanding of self (& other) & personal development throughout my recovery from Alcoholism & addiction - this subsequently had a strong influence upon my studies including in the development of my own psycho-therapeutic framework.

Although, yet to acquire time or resources to found Psycho-social Anonymous as a fellowship, the concept is intended to someday offer an adaptation of 12step fellowships that applies recognised contemporary psychological theories & concepts in understanding the complex psycho-therapeutic processes surrounding such fellowships. Formulated to maintain compatibility with existing literature of founding fellowships Psycho-social Anonymous was originally intended to provide alternate concepts to “god” without detracting from it's psycho-therapeutic value, & in a manner that they may be applied by ANYONE as a generalised platform of self development.

This includes processes such as providing psychoanalytical tools for examining the ways in which fear surround our sex, security & social instincts have the potential to result in humans developing unhealthy psychological & behavioral patterns including dishonesty with ourselves & others, selfishness, inconsideration, unhealthy self-seeking forms manipulation & projection of insecurities upon others, etc.

Thereafter, applying such information to personal development via combinations of personally tailored affirmation structures to acknowledge both our defects or shortcoming & their opposing virtues, in a loving & self compassionate manner whilst practicing virtues such as courage, honesty, patients, tolerance, selflessness, consideration through day to day affairs, & forgiving ourselves where we fall short of ideals & applying ongoing introspective reflection throughout ongoing personal development.

"Psychedelics" also offer great potential to be incorporated into the program as psycho-therapeautic tools capable of facilitating introspective reflection unencumbered by the parameters of ego. The incorporation of psychedelics is not a particularly original concept given the founder of AA Bill W originally considered incorporating psychedelics into the 12 step program after "spiritual experiences" involving LSD & Belladonna in clinical settings.

However, unlike certain contemporary psychedelic researches seeking to cash in on the commodification of "psychedelic assisted therapy" Universal Asylum does not see "the supervision of a psychologist" as necessarily offering the most efficient or effective means of utilizing the psycho-therapeautic qualities of "psychedelics" such as DMT & Psilocybin. A premise which falls very much along the lines of the old "teach a man to fish" vs "give a man" a fish principle.

Although early development of the concept of Psychosocial Anonymous predominately sought to provide alternate explanations for processes surrounding the use of the term "God" that ruled out the relevance of the actual existence of "God(s)" or lack thereof, this was done so in manner that avoided absolute judgements either way. Therefore, such adaptations remain compatible with the incorporation of DMT & other "forbidden fruit" in terms of their association with "spiritual realms" inhabited by interactive entities fitting the profiles of "gods".

At risk of going off track Universal Asylum also sees ways in which personal development & the use of DMT & other forbidden fruit can be tied in as a component of it's prospective stratified Universal Welfare Systems. That's right chores such as taking regular personal inventory & self administration of Ayahuasca could serve as paid components of futuristic societies in promoting the mental & physical heath & well being of all members of our species.

My human understanding acquired via 12step fellowships & psychology also served as an influence upon sociological critiques, particularly regarding the ways in which dominant authoritarian governments & institutions use fear surrounding these three basic instincts as highly manipulative mechanisms of social control.

On the flip side of this, the lack of hierarchy & community spirit of 12step fellowships has also undoubtedly had a strong influence upon the formulation of Universal Asylums proposed One World Leaderless System of Governance.

Universal Asylum Youtube:

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