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Public Statement 02 May 2020

On the 2nd of may 2020 Mark Parker made the following public statement in relation to the terms & conditions by which he may be willing to potentially deliver his proposed treatment for Covid-19 on a global scale & likely direction for Universal Asylum once established… (Note: those named in the post are not currently employed by or in anyway associated with the organisation other than being trusted professionals proposed to form the initial core team).


I am an Unsanctioned Researcher / Social Worker who has formulated a viable treatment for Covid-19 which I am able to back up with scientific evidence once the appropriate paperwork is signed...

However firstly the Australian Government will need to sign over international patents related to my proposed treatment(s) as well as for the purpose of transferring "Universal Asylum" (currently registered as a private business) over to an NGO.

Once this is achieved & establishing peer reviewed confirmation of the viability of my proposed Covid-19 treatment (a sure thing) - I am prepared to sign a 51+% executive share of the patent(s) over to Universal Asylum on the provision that ALL of the world's Governments & elite's do likewise in regards to ALL lands & titles of all major countries, as well as ALL major assets (& liabilities) including global defence & military systems, & other forms of industry (including but not limited to those specified on my previous posts) to be later reviewed, reformed & decommissioned wherever & however deemed fit by Universal Asylum...

One of Universal Asylums key roles will be establishing a team to direct finances in maximising global economic stability whilst ensuring treatment is freely available to ALL members of our species regardless of anything...

This is a big job & I have been out of work for some time so please excuse me whilst I get my bearings...

Although one of the many objectives of Universal Asylum always was & always will be, to facilitate the transition into a leadership system of governance, as an NGO run by the people for the people - the organisation will inevitably be required to initially take the form of a more traditional executive structure in the interim whilst endeavouring to overcome the global complexities of our current Covid19 crises.

As I do not believe any one person is fit to hold world power & dominance I propose that all major decisions are to be signed off by myself & the two kindest, gentlest, fairest, wisest, strongest, trustworthy people of upmost integrity I've had the pleasure of encountering Mark Lemon & Katherine Russell.

Although I will require some guidence below & surrounding this...

In forming the immediate foundation of the team beneath this I would like to start by inviting the following trusted professionals of appropriate backgrounds... Bronwyn Wonterburn (Winterburn Psychology), Dr Anne McKenna, Dr Jo (Access Health, Vic), Lee Collins, Joanne Cherie, Jana Player, Amanda (DASSA, former employee of the Woolshed Therapeatic Community, Ashbourn, SA) & Morgan Hirschausen.

Others I trust & would be honered to have in my imediate team include Belinda Gilbert, Carlie Angel, Sam Helsham & Gavin Johnson...

Having taken into considerations professional backgrounds, skill sets & geographic please don't be offended for those who haven't made this off the top of my head shortlist as others will be added in due course... I understand everyone is under immense pressure & thus may limited in their availability, etc. No biggy if that's the case just take care of yourself & know I love ya's all & am doing my best in working towards a viable resolution to this colossal cunt of a situation.

Although openly far from fucken impressed by the insideous nature of our species - I offer myself in services to Australian & World Governments.

However as I am the one who holds a viable treatment for Covid19 & your TOXIC, unethical, inhumane & environmentally unsustainable global economy is currently collapsing - I will require your full support & cooperation in ensuring our species chances of efficiently overcoming this Covid19 crap & associated socio-economic fallout - with as little loss of life & hardship as possible.

Now as I am a reasonable man & this is a rather sizable & complicated transaction I am prepared to leave some room open for negotiation. However, at this stage I feel this provides a fairly reasonable ballpark "figure" on the price of a viable treatment for Covid19.

Yours Sinceerly,

Mark Parker

Bachelor of Social Work,

Unsanctioned Researcher,

Artist, Dancer,

Dissability Support Pensioner,

Commission Housing Occupant,

Recovering Alchoholic/Addict,

Shit-Hot Lay & Loving Father of 2.3

Ps. If ya bored on lock down feel free to check out my Covid19 vids ;)”

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