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Updated: Jul 2, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

Socio-economic Reform Surrounding Relationshits

Our economic system desperately needs to be restructured so that every individual can support themselves on a single income of less than half of current typical hours of work & community participation requirements per week. Despite the progress compelled by feminist movements in terms of women entering the workforce - a great insult to women is that working hours were never adjusted so that men could undertake half of the important domestic roles that were previously traditionally undertaken by women in the era of "bread winner" model family structures. If we really wish to reduce domestic violence people need to be able to support themselves independently on a single income, rather than being trapped in positions which too often basically force many people to choose between a relationship or homelessness & poverty. This will require comprehensive economic reform that not only involves significant income adjustments but also adjustments of major commodities such as the price of motor-vehicles, housing & accommodation, utilities, etc.

Legislative Reform Surrounding Relationshits

As our economic structures surrounding relationships are heavily tied into legislation surrounding relationships with such legislation also requiring comprehensive review & reform.

Universal Asylum strongly advocates on bahlf of the population for "Relationship Status" to be abolished as an economic & legal consideration in ways that enable every person to maintain greater levels of economic & legal independence. This is not to say people cannot couple up if they so choose rather that any economic & legal partnerships should be treated like any other non sexual business arrangements.

Psycho-social Reform Surrounding Relation-shits

In addition to socioeconomic adjustments, we also need to critically examine psycho-social factors such as the value systems we are indoctrinating future generations to believe surrounding sexual relationships. As we move away from traditional relationship structures towards increasing diversity in combinations of same sex, bisexual & polygamous sexual relationship "norms" our species needs to take a thorough look at how we raise future generations to treat one another respectfully throughout their "relationships”. This is an enormously complex area of social reform that will require innovative approaches to raising future generations in manners that contribute to the reduction of in the prevalence of social issues such as Relationship Abuse & Domestic Violence.

Aggravated Criminal Negligence

Universal Asylum advises Governments that the level of documented evidence linking outdated economic, legal & psycho-social structures as contributing factors to Domestic Violence & Governments failure to work towards making appropriate economic, legal & psycho-social reform to alleviate such circumstances raises further counts of Aggravated Criminal Negligence.

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