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Social Enquiry Methods A#03 - Research Proposal (Inequitable Pain Relief)

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Social Enquiry Methods was probably the most hated subject throughout our entire degree. However, I loved the complexity of it & scope that it provided to exercise my artistic nature. Bev Majda was by far the hardest marking Tutor we had throughout out entire degree to the point most students feared her. This made it an even bigger compliment when she complimented me infant of the entire class by saying "& Mark's Research design was of higher standard than any of my Masters students over the past" @ least 7 years or something. Being shy & awkward, & of a bit of a minority age group amongst my peers - I didn't really know how to take it & was kind of embarrassed even tho I knew it was the highest of compliments. I remember the shocked look on some of the other students faces which I'm unsure was more to do with the Tutor who said it or who she said it about. This is the "Research Design" anyways...

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