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  • Mark Parker

Special FUCK YOU to SALHN for yet again demonstrating their INCOMPETENCE by sending wrong FIO files!

After a gruelling & unnecessarily drawn out fight to exercise my right to Freedom of Information I am not only relieved to announce that I have finally received my health record but that I am amused yet not entirely surprised that SALHN appears to have blessed me with one final demonstration of their complete & utter incompetence.

Within minutes of receiving the following email linking me to three downloadable PDFs of my health records I received a "RECALL" message. Of course, this compelled me to waste no time in downloading the files on the original link which became inactive moments later as per the images below.

I then received a fresh link to three similar files. At a glance the three files are identical in terms of size & number of pages. However, the fact that they are different sizes & the urgency with which they appeared to cancel the link suggests to me that they accidentally send me the unadulterated copy of my health record including the details OmbudsmanSA advised that they can legally redact. With a grand total of 418 pages of documents to sift through it may be some time before I am able to determine the differences between the two sets of documents. However, regardless of the nature & extent of such differences - the fact that the retards at SALHN sent the wrong files in the first place provides an amusingly ironic little twist in feud over who's more competent.

Nevertheless, will be interesting to learn why they were afraid enough of me accessing my file to fight so hard in denying me access to it.

If the documents do in fact contain sensitive information I assure SALHN that I will practice my upmost discretion in treating any such information with the level of respect I feel it deserves.

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