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Special Purpose Legal Document Officially Declaring "Universal Asylum"...

Updated: Jul 1

Upon staking it's claim and/or allegiance to the Universe and publicly announcing its intentions to facilitate the transition to a modern anti-oppressive heterarchical leaderless-ness before primitive outdated oppressive hierarchical governments kill everything Universal Asylum made two demands. Looking back these possibly require rough clarification whilst seeking appropriate council in the refinement of their wording and structure. 

Special purpose “political” / legal document formally surrendering all natural components of the universe particularly planet Earth, and with specific reference to immediate forfeiture of all rights and authorities associated with N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & Other "Forbidden Fruit" to its care and protection of Universal Asylum in perpetuity, as a fundamental component of facilitating the transition to its proposed One World Leaderless System of "Governance". In exchange for me officially signing over executive shares over all existing and future intellectual property in general yet with specific reference to the above over to Universal Asylum, and ownership of Universal Asylum over to what is intended to be collectively owned not for profit charitable “humanitarian” organisation or “World Trust”.

The above is more of a description of what the document needs to cover which would require an appendix for "forbidden fruit". Immediate forfeiture of "forbidden fruit" is mentioned for numerous reasons including reinstating it's "sacred" status in respect of surviving cultures maintaining such traditional practices. Along with those who've suffered over the 1000's of years its remained forbidden. The state of our ecological system and ageing population both urgently demand this too. 

Authority over scientific research in this area has been spoken to mainly in terms of clinical trials due to the urgency of our ageing population. However, another unanticipated breakthrough has lead to the conceptualisation of a comprehensive research design of critical “medical” and ecological significance that creates demand for the scientific component of Universal Asylums “user interface” & opportunity to inform the establishment of its base structure which needs to be done right from the start. Taking this into consideration the research model is designed to support the reevaluation of existing science a great deal of which remains heavily biased by overregulation of scientific analysis of “forbidden fruit”. This is necessary in creating a solid foundation for a system designed to facilitate complex multifactorial analyses and exchange of information between individuals across fields of science, interconnected to layers of education, multidisciplinary teams. Such a system will need to remain objective and support uncensored communication. Technology has evolved so fast since conceptualising Universal Asylums basic core concept in 2010 when smartphone became mainstream. I'm trying to present this on an 2013 iMac without software that nolonger accepts updates & far from familiar with where we are in rapid advancement. I'm uncertain of any potential need to start from scratch and build a knew internet as the one we have is pretty messy & the system I'm suggest needs to be secure. Working with the scientific community on such founding research will hopefully provide opportunity for consultation to plan the broader requirements of the scientific heart of Universal Asylum. Science will no longer be governed by corruptable systems or people. Rather a system designed to manage objective data as required and ensure the right things are researched for the right reasons and order of priority throughout time. Such a complex data system will have crossovers of value to anyone with working on rarer under funded unresearched conditions. I know my breakthroughs came from necessity. Everyone will have oppertunities to contribute to science even if sample testing and entry which will require a system so all tests can be verified. There will need to be layers science probably starting in school training people to obtain and enter objective information into the system throughout time.

Aside from the "Forbidden Fruit" Universal Asylum more concerned with reevaluation and reform of laws of existing systems rather than making its own. However, it does have certain principals that may also need to be asserted in the appendix of such a document. Although leaderless, leadership is not strictly forbidden as in hierarchical systems smaller interchangeable forms of leadership occur as required. Anti-opressive is a concept very few seem to grasp. An anti-oppressive system supports an environment conducive of growth whilst maintaining greater personal autonomy over exploring themselves. We're coming into hard times with work to be done requiring sacrifices in serving us collectively. If we want to care for our elderly we don't harsh authority, over burned out people fighting for resources. Rather the exact opposite. Once established the system is intended to offer equitable allocation community participation opportunities of different levels and priority tied into a global economic system. A progressive society requires people capable of fluently adapting to the evolution, merging and superseding of existing roles. perhaps there needs to be some kind of glossery of principles. Part of the restructure is efficiency so eveyone can work less and maintian healthy in-dependance, whatever - relationship status is remain free of legal or economic contracts. But like discussed most of that requires removal of law.

I'm unsure the best wording for such a document or how much details it aught to include. Even the use of the word "governance" and "authorities" don’t feel like the fit quite right with the anti-oppressive system described above. The two words “Universal Asylums” on its flag state it’s purpose being asylum between everything, right down to viruses which is possible with help of “forbidden fruit” and such a system. It’s a hard sell two words attached to ownership of two sets of intellectual property supporting claims over the forbidden fruit and ownership of a global system of governance yet to built. But it’s my work informed by appropriate professional qualification and I own it. I don’t know what qualifications whoever built the internet or computers which created all kinds of opportunities to exploit people for financial gain. It also opened the opportunity for someone of an appropriate professional field to incorporate all available resources into the design of a global leaderless system of governance. The fact that I appear to be the only cunt on the planet trying build something like this is insane. Unfortunately since staking its claim in the well precedented traditional manner of driving a flag into the earth several years ago and withstanding investigations of Federal Authorities it’s proven virtually impossible to get the concept seriously without the stupid piece of paper.

Anyways, that provides a little more context for the time being...

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