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Updated: Jul 2, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

In acquiring adequate & accurate information for such automated systems to function effectively it is essential that people are safe to be transparent regarding the logging of otherwise potentially sensitive information. The fact of the matter is that if we as a species really wish to safely, efficiently & ethically optimise social policy surrounding complex health factors we need to encourage people to be completely transparent & the only way to achieve this is to provide a safe environment for everyone to be open & honest.

Transparency is also a central component of Universal Asylums values, ethics & ability to operate effectively surrounding it's intentions as a World Trust in facilitating the transition to an Automated One Wold Leaderless System of Governance. In achieving this Universal Asylum recognises the need to alleviate barriers of mistrust perpetuated by traditional fear based authoritarian style systems of Governance.

In addition to this, creating an environment where people are more safe to be open & honest is likely to help reduce stigma & promote human understanding & compassion. In regards to this Universal Asylum is intended to operate under levels of confidentiality traditionally provided by other health care providers.

I actually began designing software early in my Social Work degree to serve a variety of functions as a psychologically & socially therapeutic platform that simultaneously accumulates information whilst protecting people's privacy & confidentiality form governments in order to facilitate comprehensive research across complex combinations of factors in accurately & efficiently informing the reform of social policy & distribution of resources between social services in an efficient & adaptive manner. The software is designed to incorporate a broad range of features including some similar to social media platforms, existing human service interfaces & the application of algorithmic style software in achieving complex objectives that require significant levels of transparency. However, for such systems to operates accurately & effectively people will need to be safe to be completely transparent without risk of authoritarian persecution & other forms of discrimination.

This is a completely foreign concept to traditional authoritarian style systems which basically resemble Governments deviously peering though one way glass at a seedy strip club whilst stroking their limp cocks as they manipulate their gimp like subordinates into sodomising the general population.

In many ways I am attempting to lead by example in offering myself as transparently as possible within the limitations of my communication styles & general capacity to paint an accurate picture of who I am & my intentions in founding Universal Asylum which is something that I am under no illusion could prove to highly detrimental to my existence.

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