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  • Mark Parker

Nature of Prospective Covid19 Treatment

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Although it is currently not possible to disclose details of the substance due to ethical reasons & until ownership rights for my work are secure... The basic gist of my hypothesis is that the particular substance identified as a viable Covid-19 treatment has been prematurely & wrongfully classified as a "drug" & that based on over five years of extensive unsanctioned experimental research & analysis of preexisting scientific attempts at understanding the substance - there is strong evidence suggesting that the particular substance may in fact be more appropriately classified as a form of sustenance. However, the particular substance is an incredibly unique & specific form of sustenance that when ingested or otherwise administered into the human bloodstream - acts as a powerful fuel source to the central nervous system that induces hyper reparative states of consciousness capable of facilitating extremely powerful & efficient regulation of immune responses to infections &/or other threats that may be present within the human system, & in the restoration of potential damage sustained by such threats or present due to a backlog of system maintenance.

A component of such immune responses includes drastically enhanced regulation of inflammatory systems. In addition to powerful "anti-inflammatory" actions the particular substance appears to facilitate modulation of "inflammation" &/or pulsating frequencies within individual & between interdependent components of the human system in facilitating the excretion of threats & other actions associated with cellular regeneration.

Although I identified the substances role in facilitating the modulation of inflammation of & between muscle groups in relation to the realignment of my muscular-skeletal system early on in my experimental research - I have on numerous occasions since noted the occurrence of pulsating waves of frequencies as having traveled throughout various specific organs or areas of my body during active stages of treatment. Based on such experiences & preexisting scientific evidence, it is highly probably that such pulsating waves of frequencies are occurring at micro & probably even cellular levels as a component of immune responses to threats & damage within the system. The most significant experience relating to this bizarre & highly significant phenomenon throughout my experimental research involved the substance inducing an immune response in the form of waves of frequency that gradually (over the space of roughly half an hour) ushered a suspected viral meningitis infection centred within my frontal lobe, initially in a backwards direction though my head & then downwards towards my lungs to be expelled via a respiratory purge in the form of a small cough. This is to say that on this particular occasion the administration of the particular substance was capable of completely clearing a viral infection with symptoms persisting for over two months in the space of approximately one hour from beginning to end of treatment.

Another extremely significant aspect of immune responses facilitated by this substances is the manner by which the initial stages of the activation of the central nervous system appear to involve a subconscious yet comprehensive health assessment of the human system in it's entirety in the prioritisation of immune responses against the most significant threats & damage to the system, prior to systematically harmonious regulation of the activation & deactivation of complexly interdependent systems throughout the healing process. Subsequently, although such processes are extremely powerful & typically anything but subtle, the harmonious nature of their regulation can also be described as gentle or low impact.

Admittedly the nature of the above hypothesis presents significant challenges for future scientific research into the complex actions of the particular substance against complex potential combinations of health conditions that are virtually impossible to replicate, even within a single human being. However based on the available preexisting scientific evidence & unsanctioned experimental research involving the self-administration of over 300 doses of the particular & similar substance, against fluctuating combinations of health conditions I am confident in my hypothesis of the primary actions of the particular substance as a unique form of sustenance specific to the central nervous system that facilitates extreme power & efficiency in the regulation of the immune system, with regulation of inflammation being amongst the more easily distinguishable facets of this.

The extreme efficiency by which this substance is capable of optimising the efficiency of immune regulation offers extremely promising therapeutic value in the treatment of viruses such as Covid19, not only in terms of maximising the rate of survival but in the reduction of organ damage sustained whilst fighting the infection.

This is something that my brief descriptions of certain actions of the substance do not even begin to do justice. I am not claiming to have identified a substance that increases the power & efficiency of the immune system by 5, 10 or 15%, or even one that doubles it... I am claiming to have identified a substance that increases the power & efficiency of the immune system by 10 FOLD, at least!!!

In addition to it's extremely promising viability as a prospective Covid-19 treatment the attributes of this particular substance are also offer extremely significant potential therapeutic value to people with autoimmune conditions & as a catalyst to the optimisation & maintenance of general health of our species amongst "healthy" individuals.

At this point in time I am awaiting response from the Australian Government in relation to support in securing international patents & ownership rights for my work, which I am proposing to sign over 51% executive shares relating to the substance & it's application as a viable Covid-19 treatment to Universal Asylum & the organisation over to Charitable Non Government Organisation status. Once this is achieved it will then be possible to disclose more specific details relating to the substance & scientific evidence supporting various aspects of the above & it's viability as a Covid-19 treatment with the Australian Government in establishing grounds upon which we may work collaboratively towards facilitating clinical testing & delivery of the treatment as efficiently as possible.

Although I would appreciate recognition & some financial security in return for the long & painful journey underpinning the identification of, extensive experience with & subsequent insight into the extreme significance of this invaluable substance - In my heart of hearts I believe that this particular substance is too valuable to our species to be "owned" by any particular individual & that it more appropriately belongs in trust of a community organisation run by the people in the interests of the people, in ensuring no stone is left unturned in comprehensively exploring the potential value it offers our species & facilitating equitable availability on a global scale.

Note: neither the references to the excretion of the suspected viral meningitis infection or the realignment of my muscular skeletal system provide just accounts of the miraculously profound & efficient processes of healing associated with either experience & are only intended to provide some context to my brief descriptions of various aspects of the nature of the complex actions associated with the prospective treatment. Detailed accounts of the treatment of such conditions will be provided in due course. However as these will require a great deal of work to convey accurately, uncertainty surrounding what order to approach presenting years of research whilst single handedly attempting to save the world - this may take some time.

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