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War on "Drugs"

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

The war on drugs is among the most recklessly irresponsible, counterproductive, inhumane & outright unethical wastes of resources on a global scale throughout history.

Drugs are in quotations for a number of reasons. Firstly it was never about drugs it was about social control which is evident throughout history from the "forbidden fruit" in the Bible, the execution Pagans & Witches, the racist drug policy of America & Australia, & policy blatently targeting Afro Americans, Hispanics, Hippies, Aboriginal Australians, the Chinese & countless other minorities across the globe.

In addition to social control another well documented unethical motivation for the "war on drugs" relates to policy surrounding environmentally friendly products such as hemp being outlawed for the sake of the plastics industry destroying the earths oceans.

Then there's the fact that the term "drug" is also too broader classification surrounded by double standards & stigma associated with fear based politically perpetuated propaganda & stigma, covering up for the fact that the "war on drugs" itself is in fact perpetuating most of the complex problems associated with "drugs".

The war on drugs is responsible for the perpetuation of complex combinations of a broad range of social & health related issues associated with unregulated international black market economies from a micro level in families & communities right through to international drug syndicates large enough to literally fund armies. Of course the issues created by "the war on drugs" are then used as excuses to justify the "war on drugs".

Despite decades of consistent recommendations from appropriately qualified health authorities urging governments to abandon prohibition in working towards healthier & safer management of substance use for the benefit of all, a combination of corruption between psycho-social, socio-economic & socio-political systems prevents society from overcoming the crime against humanity known as 'the war on drugs".

Considering the colossal death, economic & broader social fallout as (in)direct results of "the war on drugs" it's surprising some lawyer who wanted to make an easy name for themselves hasn't taken on a class action against governments for Aggravated Criminal Negligence over the cost of "the war on drugs" to the community. However, this would understandably most likely be to greater risk to personal safety for most people in most places in the world.

Besides, what's the fucken point? It's unlikely a successful class action is going to achieve much given The Australian Government has ignored virtually all recommendations of every Royal commission we've ever had. Beside the Australian Gov has Americas cock too far down it's throat to act with any integrity in thinking for itself in governing with ethical social policy.

Universal Asylum, on the other hand is willing to take such risks in serving the interests of the people & after only a brief look at legislation such as Law of Negligence and Limitation of Liability Act 2008 is confident in accusing the Australian, United States of America, United Kingdom & other World Governments of acting as criminal organisations in the sense of placing the interests of themselves, the pharmaceutical, plastics & other industries first, whilst knowingly ignoring science & recommendations of health professional to the detriment of the general population.

It's a tricky situation as sending all the world governments to jail at once seems an unmanageable waste of resources that is likely to create as many problems as it solves.

The only reasonable & efficient way I see out of such a dangerous mess is for world governments to submits to Universal Asylums demands & work collectively in developing algorithmic style information technological systems capable of undertaking thorough risk assessments of individual substances across all levels including environmental implications in informing socially & environmentally ethical reform of "drug” policy.

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