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World Leaders to Formally Pledge Fealty to Universal Asylum in forming a World Trust.

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

Until recently, I hadn't followed Russel Brand for some years due to being tied up with other things. However, delightfully he appears to have created some extremely relevant discussions much of which just so happen to fall very much in line with Universal Asylums mission & values.

Although far too much comment on I would like to personally thank Russell for his presentations on the complex threats society currently faces whilst certain industries remain in the hands of the private sector & hope he appreciates the countless ironies surrounding Universal Asylum's community spirited "POWER GRAB" as a small time humanitarian & conversational "business"...

In clarifying what Universal Asylum means by: "World Leaders to Formally Pledge Fealty to Universal Asylum in forming a World Trust".

"World Leaders" can be defined as all International Governments & Major Corporation including Information Technology giants such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facbook, etc., Financial & Religious Institutions, Transport Industries, Power & Mining Companies, Arms Manufacturers, Tech Companies such as Sony, etc, Medical & Pharmaceutical companies, Major Supermarkets, et al.

"Formally Pledge Fealty" can be defined as signing over executive powers to the care & protection of Universal Asylum.

"World Trust" can be defined as a collective asset structured to manage such assets/liabilities to the best interests of all members of our species & what remains of the magical world we are privileged to inhabit.

To achieve its complex primary purposes Universal Asylum will require executive powers over all components of world markets.

Acknowledging the likelihood of resistance from some World "Leaders". Universal Asylum advises those unwilling to unite collectively as a World Trust that given the extremities of the recognised dangers associated with such powerful companies remaining independently owned & operated that resistance may constitute further counts of Aggravated Criminal Negligence. Furthermore, in some cases such resistance may also be considered acts of treason against the general population & declaration of opposition to the core values & mission of Universal Asylum's perspective One World Leaderless System of Governance.

Universal Asylum Youtube:

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