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World Peace

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

Working towards a One World Leaderless System of Governance is our species only chance of alleviating global conflict & encouraging everyone to work together towards gradually putting our guns down with the ambitious long term goal of decommissioning & ultimately dismantling global defence systems to avoid WW3.

Obviously this is an enormous & extremely foreign concept riddled with complexities that will require time & collective efforts to thoroughly explore, refine & establish. Such a system of governance needs to be global & leaderless in protecting every individual member of our species from themselves & one another.

The fact of the matter is that no one is, ever was or ever will be fit to rule the world & if someone magically appeared the likelihood of them acquiring & maintaining such a trusted position of "power' long enough to solve the worlds problems is absolutely fuck all, at most. Of course, even if such a miracle happened to occur who would be fit to take their place once their time came to pass.

After 2000 years clinging to virtually the same primitive political system that arguably lead to the collapse of the Roman Empire - humans have reached a point of technological advancement where we desperately need to consider exploring possible ways in which we are now able to apply modern technology in facilitating the transition to automated political systems.

Such systems need to be capable of thoroughly & efficiently informing the review & reform of outdated legislation, in a manner that facilitates social stability whilst remaining fluent enough to effectively adapt to the rapidly evolving complexities our species faces throughout our transition into a perpetually progressive futuristic civilisation & thereafter.

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