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Image by Jeremy Thomas


Founding Artwork

Universal Asylum does not consider the human species as the centre of &/or of any more importance than anything else in the universe.

Proceeds raised via founding artworks:

Once transferred to Not For Profit, Charity status Universal Asylum intends to retain the minimum commission on all artworks to maintain customers eligibility for charitable tax purposes in supporting the broader operations of the company with proceeds falling outside of this being paid directly to the artist responsible for their work. 

Unfortunately until Universal Asylum obtains "Not For Profit, Charitable" status sales &/or donations will not be eligible for charitable tax benefits.

Nevertheless, sales made prior to Not For Profit, Charity status being secured will be divided in a similar manner with Universal Asylum retaining a 51% commission on founding artworks, investing proceeds towards general costs associated with the initial establishment of Universal Asylums & setting up to achieve its primary objectives.

Once the early stages of establishment are underway proceeds raised are intended to support the broader operations of the Universal Asylum & it's many complex roles associated with saving ourselves & everything else in this magical world, from ourselves & one another.

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Ego - Self Indulgence: Planning Documents [Price: Per Document of Buyers Choice]

Ego - Self Indulgence: Planning Documents [Price: Per Document of Buyers Choice]

Medium: Printed planning documents on A3 paper 


Planning Documents used in mapping out the heart & soul of the sculpture "Ego Self-Endulgence".


In contrast to the 3D sculpture & consistent with what she represents, the 2D "Ego - Self Indulgence: Planning Document(s)" are more truely representitive of the dangerously psychotic & blatently selfish nature of the personality , phychology or "soul" underpinning the flawless exterior she presents to the outside world. Deep down inside she is a truely evil toxic creature, a selfish, dishonest & highly manipulative coward with no morrals who will pretend to be whatever she thinks she needs to be to get whatever it is that she wants, including trampling over anyone who hurts her fragile ego by rejecting her or works out enough about the insideous manners by which she opperats to be a potential threat in exposing her. Yes. "Ego - Self Indulgence" is primarily inspired by Rosie Bourne. The face is startlingly accurate as in real life Rosie Bourn has a fuggly face that looks like she's been hit with a cricket bat & as stated the look is truely representitive of her psychopathic personality!!! 


***( ((NOTE on PRICING)) )***  Price listed is intended for ONE peice ONLY. Buyer will be entitled to their choice of one or more of the listed "planning documents" on a fist in first served basis. Value is subjective with those of worse condition having greater levels of involvement in the production of the 3D sculpture. The cut out version was at certain points attached to the Hebel Stone from which "Ego - Self Indulgence" was lovingly carved 😍


Unclear at this stage if the original pencil version at all survived the artistic process. Although possible, I'd have expected them to have been stored together. However, if it does exist & is found it will be listed accordingly. 


Collection: Woolshed 2016

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