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Automated Society

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

Our species has reached a point in technological advancement where we need to seriously start considering our transition to an automated society. "Creating jobs" rather than establishing more efficient systems that more evenly & fairly distribute healthy economic participation is quite frankly - fucken stupid. We are needlessly burning people out physically, mentally & emotionally at a recklessly irresponsible rate which is contributing to our health crises & other social issues. Not to mention to lack of ethics & inhumanity associated with doing so.

A combination of primitive outdated economic structures & increasingly fast paced society also has environmental implications in the sense of forcing people into positions were they have little choice but to cut corners in terms of their consumption of prepackaged food items & takeaway coffees etc. Whilst every effort helps it is quite frankly unrealistic & futile to place blame on the consumers whilst our economic system fails to allow people time to "choose" environmentally friendly options such as sitting down & enjoying a coffee out of a porcelain mug.

The automation of society is also essential in freeing up enough human capital to have any chance of providing ethical & humane care for our ageing population.

& last but not least, who the fuck wants to needlessly work themselves to death for the sake of unnecessarily destroying the planet when most people would presumably be happier & healthy if they had adequate time to look after the health, well-being & broader needs & desires of themselves, their loved ones, & in other ways contributing to the broader community.

Such automation far exceeds manual labor & includes central roles in Universal Asylums' One World Leaderless System of Governance in terms of incorporating algorithmic & other style information technologies & forms of artificial intelligence into the facilitation of efficient & comprehensively informed reform of outdated legislation & social policy, throughout the establishment of a dynamic automated "political" system capable of maintaining global stability whilst adapting to the rapidly evolving complexities of contemporary society.

Our species has been retarded to a state of hypo-social fluidity via oppressive political cultures for centuries & has reached a point where we desperately need to transition to more hyper-fluently adaptive cultural systems that embrace diversity & facilitate self actualisation as oppose to creating unnecessary pressure upon everyone via the oppressive hierarchies of primitive authoritarian style governance.

Automation is also intended to play key economic roles in facilitating far more efficient, informed, humane & ethical distribution of resources between every individual & the complex range of human services we require. This is intended to not only ensure that the needs of individual services are efficiently fulfilled but also in preventing the "buck shifting" of cuts in certain service areas placing increased pressures upon other services. Eg. shutting down homeless shelters placing pressures on medical & legal systems, etc.

Although currently in it's conceptual stages the central component of Universal Asylum's One World Leaderless System of Governance lies in the establishment & development of Universal Asylums' One World Leaderless System of Governance - User Interface that is intended to incorporate advancing technologies into the facilitation of an enormously complex range of roles & functions in serving the needs of every individual & the collective.

This is intended to provide a platform bound by the same ethical standards of other health services that is capable of facilitating a broad range of micro level interpersonal services including education, personal development, community participation & social networking whilst accumulating comprehensive data for complex research in informing social policy & the distribution of resources between individuals, services & broader societies on a national & international basis.

Although this barely scrapes the surface - In a nutshell this is how Universal Asylum eventually plans upon developing its transition to leaderlessness.

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