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  • Mark Parker

Blood/Urine Analysis - Metabolic Implications of Psychedelics / Forbidden Fruit upon DRUG Saturation

Updated: Jul 14

Delays in this research have been far longer than I hoped with a number of subjects that will require updates in due course. This includes an additional unanticipated breakthrough of great relevance to interconnected concurrently ongoing research designs. Whilst of great value in aiding my interpretation of developments in scientific (miss)understandings in relevant areas, and offering an additional research model which is likely to end up merging with this one. Combined these offer the opportunity to work with the scientific community on a global project capable of efficiently acquiring the information science has been denied to inform the reevaluation of existing scientific understandings of everything before we proceed with anything. This project will also provide the opportunity to work with the scientific community in building the evolutionary scientific heart of Universal Asylums Leaderless System of Governance.

I'm not entirly sure how I'll proceed but am currently working on a basic update to attach here prior to alternating as required throughout the development of understandings underpinning however things evolve.

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