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Brotherhood & Sibling Rivalry - A Bitter/Sweet Threat to my Rightful Place as Centre of the Universe

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

The next extremely traumatic & irrefutably clear time marker of monumental significance was the birth of my brother Durc when I was roughly 18months of age.

Although, Mum & Dad had no doubt done their best to give me the heads up throughout the pregnancy there was no way in hell they could prepare me for the reality of Durc's arrival into this magical cunt of a world.

Although, in most respects it was probably a fairly typical bitter/sweet experience of sibling rivalry - it certainly wasn't a case of love at first sight & although I'd grow to love my brother, I also considered him a threat & would be lying to pretend I wasn't an absolute cunt to him in different ways throughout our early childhood that caused a great deal of pain & damage to his life which will become clearer as the story unfolds.

Unfortunately, this is one of many harsh realities I cannot change & after 20 years of conscious efforts not to further contribute to that & repair the damage caused - this will inevitably remain an ongoing process.

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