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Complexity in Practice - A#02

Updated: Jun 15

Unsure I entirely agree with Cecile's criticism regarding judgement. My role was to undertake an assessment regarding the safety of the "environment". Yes it is an opinion, a professionally informed opinion signed off by a senior Social Worker of a Federal organisation. As a former recipient of Unreasonable to Live at home Youth Allowance, who had undertaken extensive literature reviews informing a research project into case management of the client group with statistically disadvantaged trajectories leading to the publication of this Government Report, in addition to familiarising myself with statutory requirements and institutional policy - the responsibility of assessing weather Anns situation was detrimental enough to justify "taking her out of the pot but into a fire" was not taken taken lightly.

This was a complex assessment all up involving evidence accumulated via hours of consultation with Ann, Myra and health professionals, against statutory criteria I haven't worked with for 14years. Reviewing the report Franks pet abuse clearly crossed the line between otherwise being a outright cunt to clearly meeting the statutory criteria of "abuse" under the section regarding Domestic and Family Violence (which I'm unsure but possibly may have been otherwise met upon further enquiry). However, as it was Franks house and Ann was not his biological daughter, I'm pretty sure that Myra intention to remain in a situation placing her daughter at ongoing risk which falls within the definition of "neglect" was relevant to the statutory criteria (which is far better wording as although the past is of relevance its the future risk was the problem which it how it is presented in the actual report). Aside from that all evidence indicated that Myra was a loving mother who's interactions otherwise reflected anything other than neglect which was thoroughly yet thoughtfully documented. It was clearly in Anns interests to be granted the payment. Although, I by no means condone Franks abuse, aspects of our oppressive culture contributed to his belief systems which combined with the statutory imposition of economic responsibility for someone else's daughter, are arguably contributing factors to the conflict along similar lines discussed in Relation-Shits.

The best I could do then was document it in an accurate matter that met the criteria to grant a payment which barely covered safe accommodation and I hope helped everyone involved. Just like a Social Worker did with me as a teenager by from what I understand presenting my Alcoholism and/or drug addition as a risk to my younger brother. Like the brief account of the situation above it was far more complicated than that. I don't know what Ann's. As much as I hope she wasn't taken advantage of, forced into crime, etc. statistically any-case isn't likely to have been easy...

Other options? Now I'm fighting for comprehensive social reform.

Here's some more discussion on the topic that didn't fit in the word count... Gov Report of Research Project during Field Education 1 - Overview of Case Management in Centrelink

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