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Complexity in Practice - One of my Most Important Assignments. However, my One & Only Fail!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Out of all the assignments in my degree this was the one that I was most looking forward to as it provided the greatest scope form me to attempt to take a chance in attempting to squeeze as many of my ideas into the one macro level program. I also wanted to impresses Cecil Dutrix who I'd put great consideration into potentially approaching re. career mentorship. However, her attitude suddenly changed towards me within a week or so of telling Rosie Bourne of my decision as described in the circumstances outlined in Standing up to Latino Grooves. Unfortunately, in addition to this I was also well into burnout due to a combination of fourth year university with learning disorders, supporting Rosie Bourne though the false bully allegations she laid against an entire organisation during her first student placement whilst already gaslighting me she could play me off & present herself as a victim in a similar fashion, one of my two closest friends Tony suddenly deciding to pack up & move interstate requiring my help.

Although, I'm yet to read this in one hit to properly comment - from the bits & pieces I've read it provides some huge hints of the scale of the social solutions I was considering. Unfortunately I ended up under such great time pressure I couldn't figure out which angle to approach it the from, especially with such an unusually small time limit for a final assignment. Being an assignment the most logical way I could have approached it would have been leading into it by clearing stating that it was intended as a "system of governance" applying the social work theory I'd learned throughout my degree in facilitating the opposite of existing oppressive social systems. Part of the problem was the leaderless aspect of it all & what angel to lead into & justify such macro level ideas.

As touched upon in different ways thorough the degree I could see many problems with oversimplified programs intended to address individual components of social problems that are too often riddled with complexity & interconnectedness. I have some things I need to tidy up & personal details I forgot to remove so will try to get back to this at some stage as although this was the only assignment I failed I feel that it is as significant as some of my greater works.

Unfortunately, despite receiving a Distinction for my first assignment Complexity in Practice - Conceptualise The nature & Complexity of Social Work & Credit for Complexity in Practice - A#02 demonstrating a solid understanding of the key principles of Complexity of Practice the failure of the following assignment resulted in me receiving a Pass Level 1 for my overall course grade for "Complexity of Practice" Official Academic Transcript - Bachelor of Social Work. University of South Australia. 2022.

Although I desperately wanted to resubmit due to my initial desire to impress Cecil & approach her regarding mentorship - I was not in a position to waste the time & energy for a maximum possible grade of 50%. Therefore, despite emotionally devastating I was forced to abandon the assignment that was of greatest personal significance throughout the final year of my degree.

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