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  • Mark Parker

N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & Other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients.

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

The purpose of this blog-post is to formally release my hypothesis that: N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & numerous similar substances predominantly considered "psychedelics" have been prematurely miss-categorized as “drugs” despite strong evidence supporting the notion that they in fact fit more appropriately under the definition of “nutrients”. Additionally & by doing so Universal Asylum advocates on behalf of humanity in asserting its claim to international rights & authorities to N, N-Dimethyltryptamine & other “psychedelics” in perpetuity to proceed with thorough & efficient clinical studies into the astronomical value the reintegration of such substances offers both humanity & broader ecological systems. In achieving this, albeit in a rough & at times potentially oversimplified manner, this blog post is intended to contextualise my unsanctioned experimental research with DMT & similar substances against a range chronic health conditions & provide a range of peer reviewed medical science articles supporting various aspects of this hypothesis. Broad discussion will also take place regarding the holistic therapeutic value such “nutrients” offer our species with reference to the suppression of thorough & efficient scientific exploration into this, in addition to socially & ecologically ethical policy considerations surrounding their ownership & the complex implications their reintegration into society pose socially, economically, politically & ecologically, etc.

After around 7 – 8 years since commencing unsanctioned experimental research into the therapeutic value of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & other "psychedelics" I am officially releasing my hypothesis that such substances have been prematurely miss-categorised as "drugs" & fit more appropriately under the definition & within their own unique class of “Nutrients”. According to the Australian Department of Health Website “Nutrients are compounds in foods essential to life and health, providing us with energy, the building blocks for repair and growth and substances necessary to regulate chemical processes” & “there are 6 essential nutrients that the body needs to function properly (Carbohydrates (CHO), Lipids (fats), Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals & Water). However, before proceeding it is important to acknowledge that due to various unique aspects of the nature of DMT, this particular substance itself arguably belongs either at the top of the hierarchy of a 7th forbidden & forgotten class of “nutrients” (perhaps most appropriately classified as “Forbidden Fruit”) or is potentially even worthy of a class of its own as the alpha primary metabolite. Nevertheless, DMT & other “Forbidden Fruit” are arguably the most significant of all “nutrients” in the sense that they clearly provide overwhelmingly powerful sustenance directly to the central & peripheral nervous systems capable of facilitating drastic increases in the power & efficiency of generalised & adaptive autoimmune responses. The generalist nature of autoimmune responses induced by the consumption of nutrients such as DMT includes drastic increases in the power & efficiency of autoimmune responses in the form of anti-cancer, anti-tumour & anti-viral actions, regulation of inflammatory systems, & cellular proliferation across organ groups including neuro-protective & neuro-regenerative actions (1, 2, 6, 9, 10 & 11).

At this stage I conservatively estimate such increases in the power & efficiency of autoimmune responses as at least 10 fold when DMT is consumed orally in combination with an Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOI) in the form of “Ayahuasca” like brews similar to those traditionally consumed by Amazonian tribes & though out South America. However, based on the increased intensity of more direct forms of administration it is possible that the immense power & efficiency of such autoimmune responses can be increased via intravenous administration of pure DMT which has previously proven safe for humans in clinical settings (4). However, such increases are also likely subjective to whether DMT is administered in conjunction with synergistic combinations of other alkaloids, vitamins & minerals, etc. in collectively facilitating diverse roles & purposes throughout complex autoimmune processes right down to a cellular level. A clear example of this is the fact that Psychotria Viridis, an Amazonian plant containing DMT typically used in Ayahuasca brews is also known to contain Quinine which appears to have synergistic effects combined with DMT’s role in the regulation of inflammatory systems. Additionally, whilst fasting processes are important in avoiding potentially dangerous MAOI interactions, due to the generalised nature of such autoimmune responses their power & efficiency can be further increased by minimising presence of toxins & other chemicals posing as unnecessary threats or stresses throughout the human system.

Whilst R, J. Strassman (2000) theorised that DMT is produced by the pineal gland commonly referred to as the "third eye" in addition to science refuting this notion (7 & 13) one of the many facets of my hypothesis is that it is far more likely that the pineal gland actually functions more as a mouth or entry point for nutrients such as DMT to pass through into the central nervous system. This theory provides a far more logical explanation as to the presence of DMT being detected in the pineal region. It makes no sense for our bodies to produce something that's so abundant throughout nature. Furthermore, the sacred status such substances are known to hold in ancient civilisations & Amazonian tribes also strongly suggest that DMT is something we consume rather than produce.

Although my unsanctioned experimental research into the therapeutic value of DMT & other “psychedelics” was initially primarily motivated by overwhelming scientific & anecdotal evidence of its profound therapeutic value in the treatment of psychological conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & Alcoholism the physical healing powers of such substances became blatantly obvious due to the critical state of health I happened to be in during the initial stages of the intensive treatment program I had formulated with influences from my professional background as a Social Worker, Terence McKenna & existing Ayahausca treatment programs overseas.

At the time I was in a desperate state of health after over half a decade battling severe treatment resistant PTSD & Complicated Bereavement Disorder & was just over 12 months abstinent from alcohol & other drugs. Despite doing everything possible to heal in terms of lifestyle I was also in extremely poor physical condition due to a combination of situational factors including reduced capacity to manage self-care, having endured a two year long headache due to a suspected Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) & a spinal injury acquired as a result of a motor vehicle accident in the weeks prior to commencing my initial intensive treatment program which involved the self-administration of 10 doses of Ayahuasca over roughly the space of a fortnight or so, followed weekly doses of Mescaline for several months & then weekly doses of Psilicybin Mushrooms, & experiments with other psychedelics & dosing conditions.

I believe my previous "Nature of prospective Covid-19 treatment” blog post provides brief descriptions the bizarre phenomenon I experienced throughout my initial intensive treatment program where it felt like an external "supernatural" force took control over my body & physically manipulated me into contortionist positions resembling something from an exorcist depiction. During such bizarre phenomenon I recall being astonished by movement that far exceeded my regular physical capacity as I was "manipulated" into contortionist positions that I consider well beyond my wildest dreams after years of extensive dance training. Throughout these experiences it soon became obvious that DMT was acting as a form of "sustenance' rather than a "drug" in providing powerful nutrition to the central nervous system in inducing hyper-reparative states of consciousness that clearly provided regulation of inflammatory systems throughout the subconscious engagement & release of intrinsic core stabiliser muscles throughout the realignment of my muscular skeletal system. Although, in an incredibly harmonious & low impact manner, this bizarre phenomenon was extremely powerful & served as a plausible explanation for many unexplained reports throughout history of people claiming to have been touched by "God" or probed by “Aliens" etc, particularly given the transcendental psychedelic nature of the experiences throughout the early hours of treatment & onset of such physical phenomena.

Admittedly, I am working off memory as although I do have extensive notes on my experimental research & some incredibly interesting video footage of this bizarre phenomenon - I do not presently have access to such information. Although most prominent throughout the initial weeks of intensive treatment & tapering with the subsidence of my injuries - muscular skeletal realignment of this nature & associated inflammatory actions have not been exclusive to DMT & are something that I have experienced with a range of similar substances including Mescaline, Psilocybin & Salvia Divinorum. Having virtually ceased logging large flood doses of such substances at around 120-130 doses, based on maintaining similar average dosing intervals, I expect that I have self-administered around three hundred doses over the past 4.5 years since I began intensive explorations into their therapeutic value in a desperate state of PTSD.

Although the psychological benefits I have experienced via the administration of DMT & other “forbidden fruit” have been significant I have also found a number of limitations to their effectiveness due to complex situational factors including ongoing hardships faced in terms of career, financial hardship, social isolation, lack of meaningful purpose & the impact such hardships have had upon maintaining relationships with my children, etc. Another significant factor has also been the fact that whilst “psychedelic” treatment helped me come to the conclusion that I would never heal unless I stood up to the dance school responsible for the severe (psychological, emotional, social, financial & sexual) abuse & ongoing bullying associated with my PTSD – the fall out of various aspects of their highly unethical responses to my complaints have perpetuated significant ongoing hardship. For example when I submitted a public review on the Latino Grooves Dance Company Facebook page complaining about severe bullying & abuse perpetrated by the companies staff members including former staff member Rosie Bourne, screaming in my face “your dad dying is the best thing that ever happened to you” at one of Latino Grooves’ events after I’d found my father dead, had an ex committed suicide & the unexpected death of my best friend in the space of three months - the owner of Latino Grooves, Hugo Salceedo responded by posting a blatantly dishonest & highly slanderous public statement to his 17,000 followers claiming that I “became obsessed” with the perpetrator of such psychopathic levels abuse before he blocked me from responding to his easily refutable lies to manipulate the narrative. Needless to say that such fallout which has included ongoing conflict & abuse within, & social exclusion from a recreational arts community (Latin Dance) that I have loved & been a part of since 2005 has been incredibly traumatic in itself.

However, despite such limitations in psychological healing the physical healing facilitated by DMT & other “forbidden fruit” has been nothing short of miraculous & I have also experienced immense psychological benefits despite such ongoing hardships. In my experience, on a psychological level these substances actually work in an opposing fashion to anti-depressants in the sense that they facilitate deep introspective reflection unencumbered by the parameters of ego in examining oneself honestly & confronting unhealthy, counterproductive & destructive psychological & behavioural patterns. Of course, such substances also invoke the same levels of critical thought regarding our surrounding environments, which in my case just happens to be a soulless capitalist economic culture that is incredibly challenging to survive as it relentlessly runs itself & what remains of this dying planet into the ground. Whilst, the ongoing hardships I face continue to burden my emotional health & sense of wellbeing, the mystical nature of my experiences with Ayahausca & other “forbidden fruit” have also opened my mind up in ways I could have never imagined possible. My experience has been consistent with scientific studies into DMT & other “psychedelics” in terms of experiencing deep transcendental states of consciousness that could be described as spiritual realms fitting all descriptions of both heaven & hell, “in” which I have on numerous occasions’ encountered interactive entities fitting the profiles of “Gods” in the sense of being all knowing, loving & compassionate yet powerfully assertive, that have opened my mind to concepts such as collective consciousness & greater meaning to life (3 & 5).

In respect to DMT's role in neuro-regeneration I am unsure at what point the symptoms of my suspected ABI subsided or to what degree I noted this due to limitations of single handedly attempting to keep track of & accurately document the complexities associated with undertaking experimental treatments upon complex coexisting health conditions under some pretty extreme circumstances. However, the relentless headache I had endured for around two years prior to commencing treatment completely disappeared at some point throughout my first intensive course of treatment.

I identified DMT's potential "antiviral" actions in the following years a couple of months after having contracted a suspected viral meningitis infection which I was also able to clear using an Ayahuasca brew. An experience I believe I also briefly described in my "Nature of perspective Covid-19 Treatment” blog post from back in 2020.

Although the physiological benefits became blatantly apparent very early in my experimental research, I initially found it extremely difficult finding non anecdotal peer reviewed scientific studies supporting my hypothesis of DMT's & other "psychedelics" extreme physiological therapeutic value.

After reconnecting with the “love of my life” (who now hates me) Katherine Russell late 2019, in early 2020 I presented her with gift in the form of some Jewellery, Art & samples of the most valuable substances in the world with reference to their profound therapeutic value as tokens of my love for her. It was intended to be romantic as she is a nurse & presumably into shit that heals people & although I knew that she was unlikely to ever reciprocate my deeper affections, if I were to suddenly die she was the person I wanted most in the world to know of their value & trusted would apply such knowledge to the benefit of everyone, including & particularly those I've ever known & loved. Who knows what the poor bitch thought?

Soon after Covid-19 hit & when it looked like we were likely to lose 30% of the global population I knew the plants were the best chance of Katherine keeping her beautiful little boy alive who was potentially particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 due to an autoimmune condition. Although, I was aware of Ayahuasca being administered to children as young as infants in tribal settings - I had never seriously considered the possibility of someone potentially being faced with the decision to administer DMT or similar substances to a child in an emergency situation. Knowing this would never be a decision I would have to make as my children are now adults, the thought of potentially being faced with providing someone I loved with such information for emergency purposes was not something I took lightly. After investing as much of my finances as possible into ensuring as much produce to make “Ayahuasca" would be readily available for emergency situations - I spent the following month or so of "lockdown" at my parents place in Renmark, South Australia where I conducted extensive research into his autoimmune condition & cross-referencing this against a range of substances & viral infections. This lead me to the identification of solid peer reviewed scientific evidence strongly supporting all aspects of hypothesis that when administered DMT acts as a nutrient specific to the central nervous system that facilitates overwhelmingly powerful, efficient & harmoniously adaptive generalised autoimmune responses capable of facilitating antiviral, anticancer & anti-tumour actions, regulation of inflammatory systems & neuro-regeneration at cellular levels (1, 2, 6, 9, 10 & 11).

Whilst doing so I maintained regular contact with Katherine in ensuring she had access to the right ingredients to make Ayahausca if ever necessary & doing my best inform her of their extreme therapeutic value in a tactful manner. On one occasion I spent half an hour begging her to infect me with Covid-19 if she tested positive so I could demonstrate the therapeutic value of DMT in the form of Ayshauscaas treatment against the virus. Aware of the sensitive nature of what I was suggesting I tried to tactfully provide Katherine with the most relevant medical science I had identified which linked DMT to drastic increases in the power & efficiency of auto immune function & in providing antiviral actions. Knowing that what I was insinuating would always remain a decision only a parent could make, all I could do was ensure the option was available, provide the strongest & most relevant information possible, & demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment against Covid-19 on myself, with the hope that perhaps then she’d consider trying it for herself & thereafter be informed to make her own adult decisions should Covid-19 have taken a turn for the worst a placed her in a position where she may have had to make potentially life or death emergency decisions.

However, as we began to contain the virus in Australia I realised there may be time to have DMT clinically tested against Covid-19 & that I had identified solid enough medical science to justify this. I returned to the city & over the following weeks experienced countless dead ends caught up in an impenetrable web of red tape & bureaucracy. In a desperate attempt to cut through this I got a friend to paint “viable Covid-19 treatment” on my van, parked it in Victoria Square, Adelaide & got on top of the van & held myself hostage with a rope around my neck asking to speak to the Prime Minister re. DMT as a viable Covid19 treatment. As I’d accidentally blocked the tram line for two hours in peak hour & appeared to have achieved adequate media attention I willingly got down& handed myself over to police. Unfortunately, this was not received as I’d have hoped & I was detained under “mental health” for 5 weeks& my efforts didn’t even make the news to create political pressure as I’d hoped. The arrogance of the Psychiatric doctors was astounding. They simply did not believe it was possible that a social worker might have figured out a thing or two about human health that has alluded western medicine. They would ask about my Covid-19 treatment to which I would refuse to provide any specific details of until ownership rights to my work were signed over & explain that there were also ethical considerations to be taken into account re. social responsibility &environmental conservation etc. Their response to this was claiming I was “delusional” & filling me with all kinds of awful psychiatric drugs.

Upon a medical tribunal agreeing I was being wrongfully detained I was finally released & proceeded building the Universal Asylums website& outlining the general nature of the “perspective Covid19 treatment”, whilst tidying up the paintwork on my van & contacting countless politicians, media stations & other entities potentially capable of providing assistance towards having a viable Covid-19 treatment clinically tested. However this all fell upon dead ears. Obviously if Scomo or other politicians were aware of my efforts, it seems likely that the psychiatric doctors passed their incompetent 5minute assessments dismissing me as “delusional” up the chain of command to the point that virtually no one even bothered responding to my emails. Now if politicians are interested in more competently thorough & accurate professional options on me I urge them to contact professionals such as DASSA Employee Amanda who has had in total over one year experience with me under close observation within the Woolshed Therapeutic Community, Ashbourne, SA. Same goes with professionals such Mark Hammersley, Steven Oldham &Gilli former employees of the GaliambleMens Recovery Center, St KIilda, Vic, another institutional setting where I also spent a year under close observation. In fact I am willing to sign authority to speak to any of my former health professionals over the past 20years if need be.

In ways perhaps this turned out for the best in highlighting how broken our system really is & leaving me in even more of a position to fight for a greater cause. I have had Doctors since advise me that I shouldn’t mention my wishes for the rights to these “Nutrients” to be signed over to Universal Asylum as a World Trust designed to serve the interests of the people as this would apparently come across as if I have “delusions of grandeur”? It doesn’t make sense to me why it would come across better if I was selfish & wanted it signed over to keep to myself so I could sit on a pile of money whilst the world dies. Since undertaking a four year degree in Social Work I have spent the past 13 or so years on the formulation of alternate social systems capable helping our species out of the desperately critical position we’re in. Although I think many of my ideas are really good - I know I don’t know it all or believe that myself or anyone is fit to rule the world as reflected but the nature of the social model I am doing my best to surmise & offer to the world. None of it was ever inspired out of ego, rather love for my children & everyone else I’ve ever known & cared for. I knew in the first weeks of my Social Work degree at the University of South Australia when they told us the health system was going to collapse in coming decades due to the pressures of our aging population that no amount of money would save us so I put my heart & soul into understanding as much as I could about the problems of the world & formulating an alternate social structure capable of offering a potential solution. Besides it’s the right thing to do as DMT & other similar substances are sacred to too many ancient & existing indigenous cultures, not to mention the dominant cultures from which they have been forbidden.

Another interesting learning experience came recently after I smashed my collar bone in a motorcycle accident & decided to test Ayahuasca’s ability to facilitate cellular proliferation in the healing of bone tissue. My accident was on the 19th of Jan 2021. The thought of taking substances that drastically increase awareness whilst experiencing the pain of such a severe injury was pretty overwhelming however I braced myself with the theory that such increases would merely be awareness & not necessarily pain, plus curiosity kind of got the better of me as to how powerful the healing potential of these plants really were particularly in relation to physical injuries. I initially started with a Terance McKenna style 5 dry grams of psilocybin mushrooms alone in silent darkness on the 25th of January as I was yet to retrieve the Covid-19 survival pack I’d planted at mums in 2020 which contained enough ingredients for 3 reasonable doses of Ayahuasca. To my relief I was right & found this proved a comforting & subtly healing experience as opposed to increasing pain.

My first post-accident Ayahuasca was on the 28th Jan. This was incredible as the “visionary” aspect of the experience involved visual “psychedelic” representations of intense yet gentle or soothing healing energies being clearly channelled from all directions towards, in & around my injury, during which I laid in bed with my opposite hand cupping my collar bone. Once again, although my awareness was increased I experienced more sense of comfort than anything else. Prior to this 80mg Oxycodone, 8xPanadol & anti-inflammatory’s were not covering the pain. However the following day I only too 2 Panadol & one Voltaren. That night I doubled the Ayahuasca dose & received a similar experience requiring no pain relief the following day. Unfortunately, I re-injured myself in my sleep the following night which forced me to resume painkillers. Things get a little complicated thereafter as I was unable to retrieve the other two Covid-19 survival packs (containing enough ingredients for 7 doses of Ayahausca) from my wonderful exes down south Katherine & Belinda. Things get a bit messy as this forced me to try making an Ayahausca like brew out of Native Plants that was strong in ways but less healing in others before I was eventually able to acquire enough traditional ingredients to have taken a total of 10 doses since the accident. Unfortunately whilst one of the breaks has healed this appears to have headed crooked & the second break isn’t healing. As I could initially feel the break attempting to grab like Velcro as it tried to knit & this is no longer the case I suspect that between the break being out of alignment & the Ayahausca accelerating the healing process that the ends of the bone have healed over to an extent where they are no longer even attempting to reunite in a similar manner to being cauterised. Aside from this the soft tissue appears to have healed to an extent that I have full mobility & the Ayahuasca, with a little help from Kratom helped me get off the Oxycodone after two months of use & the soft tissue appears to have healed in a manner that I am currently experiencing little pain or discomfort. Based on this experience & medical science relating to DMTs role in cellular proliferation - I have strong reason to believe that Ayahuasca could be used in the acceleration of healing bone fractures & surrounding soft tissue damage. However, for best results ensuring correct bone alignment prior to administration is probably wise.

As a Social Worker I advocate for the significance of DMT & other “Psychedelics” to all members of the human species. Whilst there is a great deal of evidence that DMT has been (& still is) used by indigenous cultures throughout South America for 1000’s of years, DMT was also undoubtedly used by our Indigenous Australians & served as a component of their spiritual connection & the “dreamtime". Although many claim there is no evidence of Indigenous Australians use of DMT because some white prick hasn’t written it down may I be the first to matters straight. The reason that this is so is largely due to complex combinations of the decimation of their culture throughout colonisation which has involved a great deal of western culture using the use of plants as excuses to throw Aboriginal people in prison cells where they have often been left to die of otherwise treatable medical conditions & have at times have even been murdered by criminal justice representatives.

How I have come to know is kind of a long story. However, I have personally spent all up one year of rehabilitation in Galiamble: Mens Recovery Centre based in St Kilda, Victoria throughout which I have been blessed to have known & built strong bonds with many Aboriginal Australians. During my two administrations I have been privileged to participate in traditional Australian Aboriginal smoking ceremonies involving combinations native trees. Given the spiritual nature of such ceremonies to Indigenous Australians, the parallels between the nature of the DMT “spiritual experience” & "the dreamtime”, & the prevalence of native wattles many of which contain high concentrations of DMT - there is absolutely no doubt that Aboriginal people consumed DMT via smoking ceremonies as a component of their spiritual connection to themselves, one another & the lands they consider sacred. I have also smoked DMT with at least one Indigenous Australian who agrees with this & have had another break cultural codes by disclosing a great deal of information regarding Aboriginals Peoples traditional use of a broad range of plants & other organic compounds. I don’t know if I have earned enough "street-cred" to perhaps someday be invited to work with Australian Indigenous people in further understanding their connections to these sacred native plants in a manner that protects both their people & the plants from white man’s bullshit war on “drugs” but I am open to & would be honoured by any invitations once Universal Asylum is able to guarantee such protections.

Whilst some might say Indigenous Peoples should "own” these substances, it’s also worth considering the fact that “ownership" is very much a concept of dominant culture. Then there’s me as the first person to identify & put forward a solid theory of DMT being more appropriately classified as a nutrient rather than a drug, complete with comprehensive considerations to its holistic therapeutic value & potential reintegration to contemporary society. My family legend is that I am related to Alice Nutter, Pendile Witch, hung in Lankashire 410years ago which although I am yet to establish direct confirmation I have traced our genetics back to Lankashire around that time so it is certainly possible. My father was caught importing Opium & survived an attempted murder in Pentridge, before later serving time in South Australia for robbing the drug squad in addition to a well-documented medical history in relation to substance use. I don’t know my culture, I rejected & was discarded by dominant culture as a child for reasons surrounding substance use. I’ve spent over half my life mainly associating with the multi cultures of the Latin Dance Community & from the earliest of my childhood with Aboriginal Australians. I don’t know how either of their cultures work but I identify with them in all kinds of ways. In many ways I’m diversely cultured but unsure I can say I have a culture of my own. I also have a uniquely extensive & well documented history of substance use. Nevertheless, as opposed to many substances, the one thing I trust most in the world is the plants& organic material containing Dimethyltryptamine & other “forbidden Fruit” that have literally saved my life& to which I have developed my own deeply sacred relationship with. Having extensive experience with their miraculously profound health benefits, I’m sure others to which DMT & similar substances are of significance would also agree that these substances should be placed into the care & protection of a World Trust under which their holistic therapeutic value should be utilised to the maximum benefit of all members of our species. However, this needs to be approached in an ecologically responsible manner that facilitates the protection of all organic matter containing such substances including their biodiversity on a global scale.

As a Social Worker it is quite obvious that DMT & similar substances should be embraced to their maximum potential in healing the population whilst channelling the astronomical economic proceeds associated with this into a Community Organisation / World Trust such as Universal Asylum & it’s proposed One World Leaderless system of Governance, that is specifically designed to thoroughly & efficiently inform the reform of outdated & unethical legislation & social policy, in a manner that facilitates social stability whilst remaining fluent enough to adapt to the rapidly evolving complexities our species faces throughout our transition into a perpetually progressive futuristic civilisation & thereafter. All of which is intended to serve as necessary steps towards world peace & addressing the sociological & ecological crises our species currently faces. The rights & authorities of DMT & similar Substances in conjunction with Copyright © over Universal Asylums’ One World Leaderless System of Governance in the hands of an Australian company has the potential to insure national & international security which are arguably interdependent.

Although DMT & similar substances have to power to revolutionise western medicine, my professional opinion as a Social Worker is that limiting them to the arbitration of medical systems would grossly inhibit the astronomical value they offer the health & well-being of our species. Despite the complexities of doing so, to take full advantage of the immense holistic therapeutic value of such nutrients, DMT & other "forbidden fruit" need to be reintegrated into contemporary society in a manner that allows all members of our species to as safely as possibly self-administer them at regular intervals as a component of maintaining general health & well-being. This is to say that in order to take advantage of DMT’s anti-cancer, anti-tumour, anti-viral, neuro-protective/regenerative actions, as well as it’s anti-inflammatory & broader autoimmune actions, as a preventative measure against cancer, tumours, autoimmune conditions, neurodegenerative conditions & optimising muscular skeletal health - their use should be reintegrated to general society on a regular basis in a similar manner to tribal contexts where such substances are self-administered at the discretion of the individual at roughly weekly intervals as a regular component of self-care or maintenance of health.

The miraculously powerful & generalised nature of autoimmune functions facilitated by DMT & similar nutrients offers diverse medical applications capable of serving nothing short of a “silver bullet” in relieving the rapidly increasing pressures on our health systems associated with our ageing population. As I have previously stated my estimates of 10 fold increases in power & efficiency are conservative & can be potentially increased via intravenous administration in conjunction with synergistic combinations of other vitamins, minerals & nutrients. In expanding upon its Neuro-regenerative actions, DMT offers therapeutic value in the prevention & treatment of conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Motor Neurons Disease, Developmental conditions, etc. in addition to physically acquired brain injuries & even the treatment of Coma Patients all. Needless to say, this all offers incredible humanitarian value to those partial to such conditions whilst relieving enormous pressures to carers, health services & the broader economy in terms of freeing up healthy human capital.

Certain medical scientists have suggested that the powerful “hallucinatory” effects of DMT present challenges in terms of how it may be modified to embrace its therapeutic value whilst preventing such “side effects”. However, I urge that DMT & other "forbidden fruit" are perfect in their natural unadulterated states. As it is impossible to switch the central nervous system on full blast without switching it on full blast it is worth considering the complexities of working with such substances in their natural form. Whilst it is possible to reduce certain effects with symptomatic medications it may not necessarily be possible to do so without inhibiting therapeutic actions. However, it is possible to minimise the adversity of such “side effects’ whilst maximising therapeutic value of the treatment by fasting to reduce potential interactions. The overwhelmingly peculiar nature of the experiences such substances induce does present numerous practical challenges that will require open minds from anyone inexperienced with them. This is likely to be particularly so in their application against the chronic states of comorbidity western culture &medicine has left many people suffering. However, challenges will become increasingly manageable with the accumulation of practice wisdom & improvements of the overall health of the general population as we endeavour to maximise our understanding of the full spectrum of our human potential.

As interest in DMT is rapidly increasing & it is present in such a diverse range of organic lifeforms including plants, fungi & animals Universal Asylum strongly advises governments that prohibitive policy surround such substances will create circumstances likely to perpetuate an ecological disaster threatening many native species of flora & fauna. This is not only in the sense of the species containing such substances but the many other species potentially reliant upon their nutritional value. Furthermore, prohibition would be reckless & irresponsible, particularly given many substances are easily produced in environmentally friendly manners. Additionally, prohibitive policy is also socially irresponsible in terms of creating dangerous circumstances for all.

However, in the meantime whilst teasing out the complexities of managing the increasing interest & use of these substances in socially & ecologically ethical manners - I am urging governments to grant necessary authorities for Universal Asylum to put together a multidisciplinary team to explore the medical application of such powerful nutrients in treating people in critical states of health as a matter of urgency. The person I am most desperately fighting to secure access to such treatment options is an infant named Eli Angel, son of Carly & Brad Angel who was born terminally ill due to Lissencephaly aka "smooth brain" a condition where the brain has failed to develop it’s folds & in other ways properly, leaving it’s sufferers with sever neurological impairments & experiencing seizures & other life threatening symptoms. Although there are numerous options with their own pros& cons to clinical application, based on my experience & the available science - DMT not only offers Eli’s best chance of survival but also in drastically increasing his quality of life due to the power & efficiency of its neuro-regenerative actions & ability to regulate inflammatory systems in preventing the life threatening seizures he frequently experiences. What medications little Eli may be currently on has the potential to influence possible treatment options. However if MAOI interactions are not problematic a tradition Ayahuasca would have many advantages. Anyways this is not the time & place for such complex discussions. The main point is that I am desperately advocating for such treatment options to be made available for consideration for Eli. Obviously, Carly & Brad who are doing an amazing job fighting for Eli should remain the ultimate authority over the possibility & whilst I am willing to support them in any way I can - the first step in doing so is advocating on their behalf by coming forward about my unsanctioned research & lobbying world governments for urgent authority to thoroughly explore Ayahausca as a treatment option for Eli’s Lissencephaly.

As my fear for the welfare of Katherines’ child, River contributed to the incident in Victoria Square involving the van, desperately attempting to gain emergency governmental authorities for clinical testing of DMT against Covid19, my fear for the health & wellbeing of Eli Angel has also contributed to the desperation of my attempts to gain governmental attention to the broader therapeutic values of DMT against Lissencephaly & other conditions leading up to & including the setting alight of the flag pole in Victoria Square.

I am well aware that I will fall under great scrutiny as a Social Worker for suggesting the administration of such treatments to an infant & other young children. However, I am 100% dead certain about this & it is not overly radical considering level of science I supporting my hypothesis in addition to the anthropological evidence of infants being introduced to Ayahuasca off their mothers’ breasts in tribal settings. I am duty bound to protect children & that includes protecting them from fallout of western society’s reckless, irresponsible & counterproductive war on “drugs” / indigenous people.

In putting forward my hypothesis, I am advocating on behalf of all members of the human species in demanding Governments forfeit all rights & authorities over DMT & other "forbidden fruit" to the care & protection of Universal Asylum with the intention of establishing a multidisciplinary team to continue with my unsanctioned research in endeavouring to efficiently undertake comprehensive clinical testing of the application of DMT & similar substances against a range of complex conditions in medically supervised settings as a matter of urgency.

In addition to DMT having been proven safe for intravenous administration in previous clinical trials involving human participants (4) in studies involving rats the lethal dose of DMT in the form of Ayahuasca has yet to be determined however was recorded to be in excess of 50x what the study considered a standard ritual dose (8). The fact that a lethal level of toxicity is yet to be determined on a substance known to produce such overwhelmingly powerful effects is extremely interesting & supports the theory that DMT & similar substances are more appropriately classified as a nutrients of their own unique class rather than merely “drugs". Although I am unsure whether this applies to DMT, excess quantities of substances such as Mescaline are known to pass through the urine un-metabolised in a similar manner as excess quantities of vitamins, etc.

In addition to this, the fact that humans do not appear to develop tolerance to DMT (2 & 12) is also more characteristic of a nutrient or form of sustenance than a “drug”. On this note I am perhaps out of school grouping DMT with other classic “psychedelics” due to its apparent lacking in cross tolerance with other substances. However, a plausible explanation for the lack of tolerance of DMT & cross tolerance between similar substances is that DMT is possibly the alpha of primary metabolites or in layperson terms DMT is at the top of the food chain of foods in terms of the order by which they are metabolised. An example of my experience with this throughout my unsanctioned experimental research came through experiments involving the self-administration of large (5+ dry gram) doses of Psilocybe Subaeruginosa (Psilocybin Mushrooms) on top of what I’d consider sizable therapeutic doses of Mescaline & Ayahuasca, in addition to combining Mescaline & DMT. Despite relatively limited repeated experience with certain combinations, I found Mescaline consistently appeared to act as a dominant metabolite in terms of drastically increasing (up to 10x) the metabolic rate of Psilocybin. I found this too to be the case consuming 5grams of Psilocybin mushrooms on top of Ayahuasca however based on what I recall of that experience & have read since this may be a potentially dangerous combination due to MAOI interactions that I am perhaps lucky to have survived.

Although DMT certainly appears to be the alpha metabolite, it seems wise to remain open to the possibility that this too could remain subject to some degree of variation between genetic makeups of different origins. However this seems unlikely particularly given the vastness in distribution & evergreen nature of many plants & trees containing DMT.

The fact that DMT & other similar substances appear to be non-addictive (2) is another characteristic that can be considered more consistent with a nutrient than a drug. Although sceptical of this & particularly cautious of prior to my experimental research into the therapeutic value of “psychedelics” due my high physiological susceptibility to addiction to alcohol & narcotics – I have found DMT & other “psychedelics” to be in no respect likening any drug I have ever consumed & after extensive experience with them concur that they are completely non addictive.

Based on the unethical nature of the racist policy underpinning the ongoing suppression of thorough & efficient scientific exploration of DMT & other “forbidden fruit”, the overwhelming existing scientific evidence supporting the invaluable holistic nature of their profound therapeutic value & the economic threat that this poses the 1.27trillion US Dollar pharmaceutical industry & numerous other factors - Universal Asylum raises strong cases of Aggravated Criminal Negligence against the Australian, United States of America, British & other world Governments who have consistently demonstrated criminal levels of incompetence, lack of integrity & unethical conduct throughout their recklessly irresponsible management of such substances to the detriment of the health & well-being general population, particularly over the 50 years since policy introduced by the Nixon government.

In addition to financial corruption, ideological & political agendas are also a likely contributing factors contributing to the suppression of such substances. Considering the consistently documented “mystical” nature of experiences induced by DMT & other “psychedelics”, including transcendental realms consistent with religious descriptions of “heaven & hell”, where people frequently report encountering interactive entities fitting the profile of “Gods”, in addition to the profound introspective reflection they induce likening the “tree of knowledge”& holistic therapeutic value they provide & vast evidence of their sacred status across countless ancient civilisations & indigenous cultures (2 & 4) – DMT & other “Psychedelics” are undoubtedly the "forbidden fruit” referenced in religious texts of dominant cultures. Given the overwhelming evidence it is quite obviously that such essential nutrients were “forbidden” from the regular diets of dominant cultures 1000’s of years ago as the primary means of retarding populations in order to facilitate the social control necessary to drive the “advancement” of “civilisation”. The fact that science is strictly forbidden from thoroughly examining the one set of substances on the planet with the potential to either prove or disprove the existence &/or nature of mysteries humans have experienced relentless conflict over for 1000’s of years (such as “God(s)” or entities, “spiritual realms”, “extrasensory” perception& “collective conscience”, etc.) despite the evidence of their sacred significance across ancient civilisations & indigenous cultures, & in addition to overwhelming evidence of their diverse & powerful therapeutic value (1) – collectively provides a solid case that the prohibition of & strict suppression of thorough research into DMT & other “Forbidden Fruit” is the greatest ongoing conspiracies & crimes against humanity in the history of mankind. The continued suppression of research into DMT & other psychedelics despite the overwhelming evidence of their astronomical therapeutic value raises serious cases of Aggravated Criminal Negligence against the Australian & World Governments.

Given the nature of such substances makes them the most invaluable substances to all life on this planet Universal Asylum advocates on behalf of the plants, animals, minority groups to which they are sacred & broader society in staking it’s claim & demanding world governments forfeit all international ownership rights & authorities relating to DMT & similar substances to the care & protection of Universal Asylum in perpetuity, in addition to formally pledging fealty to Universal Asylum in the formation of a World Trust in facilitating a smooth & efficient transition towards a One World Leaderless System of Governance. I may not have a medical degree. However, my professional qualifications as a Social Worker are arguably appropriate for the purpose of founding Universal Asylum with the intention of establishing itself as World Trust that is holistically concerned with the human species in context of our environment. Thus, Universal Asylum advocates on behalf of the human species for Governments to grant authorities to form multidisciplinary teams aimed at undertaking comprehensive clinical research into the profound value such substances & their reintegration into contemporary society offer our species, in an efficient, ethical & socially & environmentally responsible manner, as a central component of Universal Asylums broader mission of saving our species & what remains of this magical world in which we have relentlessly abused the privilege of inhabiting, from ourselves & one another.

Note: Numerous freestyle video's discussing a broad range of topics surrounding my unsanctioned research into DMT & other "forbidden fruit" & their reintegration into contemporary society in a socially & environmentally ethical fashion can be found on Universal Asylums Youtube channel:

Considering DMT as a nutrient & maximising the potential value it offers our species.

Considering DMT as a nutrient & the potential benefits it offers our species.

​Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, & Kratom Against Opiate Withdrawal & Other Conditions.

Reference Material & Supporting Documents:

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