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Narcissistic Discard - Sabotage of my Career & Socially via Gaslighting & Weaponisation of Deaths.

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

This post is one of numerous subsections of my: BIOGRAPHY - Who am, where do I come from & WTF am I about?

Rosie Bourn - The one true PSYCHOPATH & most DANGEROUS creature I've ever encountered. See: Standing up to Latino Grooves [2019].

[Once again I make no apologies for the level of detail Rosie has forced me to disclose about my experience with her. Rosie Bourne is by far the most dangerous creature I have ever encountered & if necessary am willing to testify in a court of law as to my experience with her in any case where human rights & social justice are likely to have been violated throughout her career as a Social Worker. I am also willing to sit a Polygraph over the abuse inflicted upon me which is something I'd like to do to repair the damage she deliberately inflicted upon my reputation. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the abuse I not in a financial position to].

According to an email Rosie Bourne sent as a means of inflicting further psychological abuse & sabotaging my first holiday with my children (July 2012 - According to FB) after the following trauma - She was already planning her "Narcissistic Discard" of me late 2010 early 2011 (I am currently trying to regain access to the abandon email account)

Late 2010:

Late 2010 Stacy asked me over to Melbourne for Christmas. However, I declined as although I was not technically in a "relationship" with Rosie & there is a lot of confusion between trying to maintain healthy boundaries with her psychotic games - I was also trying to be considerate of her. A decision I would come to deeply regret.


Throughout the first half of 2011 I supported Rosie Bourne throughout what I now know were false bully allegations that she laid against an entire organisation during her first student placement. Rosie claimed that all the staff including the Manger of the organisation were "bullying her" which she used to manipulate her Supervisor into Resigning & joining arms with the University of South Australia School of Social Work to proceed with allegations against the organisation. However, as soon as Rosie was signed off as having passed her student placement she dropped the allegations & ceased contact with her supervisor who'd served her purpose to Rosie despite having sacrificed her career for her. I was also a fool to believe Rosie looking back. She claimed that they were bullying her because she "was better than them at everything" & made reference to rearranging their filing system (which I'm sure would have upset a few people in a fully functioning organisation). Further detail are described in this video which thoroughly outlines the level of gaslighting I experienced throughout the following period: Standing up to Latino Grooves [2019]

Mid 2011

Although Rosie's gaslighting was well & truely underway, this was made worse when my father tripped over a Rose bush which put spores in his leg leading to a severe case of Sporotrichosis...

Although burned out after 3.5years of University on top of learning disorders I do everything I can to support Dad whilst in hospital. Despite initially thinking they'd have to remove the tendon which would leave him unable to flex a limp foot & that they'd likely have to amputate his leg below the knee...

After a couple of months & 7sets of microsurgery the Doctors were astonished at how well he healed & the fact that they were able to save his leg.

Knowing he was in no position to look after his father. Whilst Dad was in hospital I did my best to advise the nurses of this fact & arrange for the hospital Social Worker to organise for him to go into some form of rehabilitative care facility until he could walk again.

Of course, in the end Dad was discharged to his home in Gilberton, with instructions that he was to lay for 3hours with his foot raised & was allowed up for 15minutes without weight on the leg whilst living over a km downhill from the closest shop & having no transport. This resulted in Dad ending up in my care which was something I had to arrange for a week off of my Social Work field education placement to rearrange my unit so it would be as appropriate as possible to cater for caring for Dad.

Mid August 2011

Whilst providing care for Dad in hospital & support throughout her false bully allegation - Rosie & I had numerous discussions about our incompatibility & how we were going to manage the transition to no longer fucking one another in an amicable manner due to the fact we were both dancers & Social Workers & would inevitably be likely to cross paths. During such conversations Rosie made me promise "not to hook up with anyone on the dance scene" because she claimed she "couldn't handle it". Although I was reluctant to do so due to the fact that as dancers we would most likely be compatible with other dancers - I recognised a certainly level of sensitivity was probably reasonable in the short term & agreed to this as I expected it wouldn't be long before things blew over. However, I had not idea that Rosie had no intention of things blowing over & had manipulated me into making this promise for far more sinister reasons. Firstly this promise enabled Rosie to maintain control of the situation as her plan relied on me not being with anyone else & it also ensured I wasn't close enough to anyone to support me throughout the severe gaslighting her & Latino Grooves staff were planning to inflict upon me. Secondly, it would also increase the pain & confusion I'd experience when she almost immediately turned around to "dumped" me for another member of Latino Grooves staff, Sam Staker.

Due to the complexities of the increasingly adverse circumstances I'd experience over the following months, attempting to articulate the psychopathic level of games & gaslighting Rosie Bourne & others inflicted upon me throughout the most vulnerable crises of my life - gets extremely difficult to accurately articulate. However, I'll do my best.

From the very beginning I was asking for personal belongings back. However, she tormented me with all kinds of games in holding them hostage as a means of manipulating me to the point that i was forced to literally beg for them back over the following months. Such "personal items" were predominantly a serious of video footage of the Bachata that I predominantly choreographed with Rosie for the competition. Now whilst this may seem trivial technology has advanced so much in the time I've been a dancer that there is very little footage of me dancing prior to that & at the time it was something stupid & sentimental that I might have liked to have shown my Nanna or other family members unable to readily see me dance in real life, etc. (I actually probably haven't bothered looking over most of them. However, when I stumble across them I might just upload them to YouTube since I begged for the fuck things back).

As Rosie proceeded to claim "I still love you. We're still friends. Nothing's changed except the sex" (a statement that would be repeated over the following moths) after dumping me for Sam when she invited me over after spending the night with him the first thing she felt the need to tell me was "you've got a really huge cock, you know".

Over the following months as I became increasingly burned out & confused - Rosie proceeded to gaslight me in between making me play these "waiting games" where she repeatedly made arrangements to catch up "next week" before change the gaol posts last minute, whilst holding my dance footage hostage, & running back claiming she still loves me & making me eat her cunt in between psychopathic levels of abuse whilst I desperately fights for my fathers fathers life. For full details see Universal Asylum Youtube: Standing up to Latino Grooves [2019]

Although already confused & emotionally violated enough at being made promise not to hook up with anyone within the dance community then dumped for the ugly guy with a tiny cock - Rosie Bourne was suddenly to appear on a reality TV show I believe was called "Marry my son". Although it would take me nearly a decade & Belinda to point out the fact that Rosie would have had to have applied for the Reality TV show months in advance - I recall being extremely confused at the time.

Despite having had done well in maintaining healthy boundaries with Rosie throughout the first couple of years that I'd known her - I became less able to maintain these as I grew weaker & weaker due to Rosies relentless gaslighting & psychological abuse as my circumstances became increasingly desperate attempting to manage the final 6month of my Degree onto of disabilities & providing care for my father. Loosening off such boundaries at such a critical time would be a dire mistake on my behalf that would contribute to the level of damage I'd sustain throughout Rosie's "narcissistic discard"

In the early stages of this I recall getting into an argument wither at the Latino Grooves regular Thursday night social dance event at the Arkaba Hotel which I'd been attending for years prior to Rosie showing her fugally dance on the dance scene. Sick of her games I asserted that if she wants to be friends like she was claiming that I needed her to "be an adult & treat me normal in public" to this she responded "you have to prove that you can treat me normal in public by pretending I'm not there". In addition to headfuckery of dealing with someone with the above logic, I remember being more confused by random comments she'd throw in like "stop abusing me" that had absolutely no context. On this particular night she stated that she was going to have three weeks off teaching dance which I argued against as it was unnecessary & I was not comfortable how it would look. That night Samual Nicolas who I'd never seen before gave me an eerie look whilst I was having an awkward dance with Rosie sometime either side of the above conversation. When I got home he'd added me on facebook which I didn't initially accept due to the look he'd given me. When I did the following day I would notice the first of a sting of FB post that I would appear crazy to suggest were about me the first of which was from the night he gave me the look "I love watching sexual tension between two people". Anyways, the following week when Rosie had "arranged" not to be there she rocked up & proceeded to taunt me with Samuel Nicholas exactly as described in Standing up to Latino Grooves [2019] . I was confused by the look on here face after Samuel had taunted me, like an over dramatised pretending to be scared look. However, every time I questioned anything it was put back on me that I was "reading into things" or "crazy". I guarantee if Rosie didn't in fact arranged to have three weeks off, the only people that knew about it were her, other Latino Grooves staff, Samuel & perhaps some of their close acquaintances.

Interestingly, although the whole time I was fucking Rosie Bourne, once she became a member of Latino Grooves staff their policy forbid her from attending other dance companies events & classes. This aspect of Latino Grooves policy is common knowledge within the dance community as it has effected many teachers of theirs. However, coincidentally throughout the period of the abuse Rosie & other Members of Latino Grooves, including Sam Staker & Hugo Salceedo himself began attending Salsa Connections weekly social at Tappa's Bar on Hindley street where they proceeded to torment me. I'll never forget Hugo Salceedo leaning against the bar with his arms crossed looking down on me like he was tough as his staff sat there repeatedly saying Sam, Sam, Sam over & over again in patronising voices as a means of emotionally tormenting me.

Of course, every time I questioned any of the abuse or actions of Rosie or any of those involved I either receive an answer projecting everything back onto me until i was apologising for failing to cope with or tormented with another "waiting game" where I was told we'd talk about it a letter date that would always be changed last minute.

During October I broke a promise to Dad & sent him back home to a dangerous environment because Rosie kept telling me to. Although it was months since the initial breakup I'm pretty sure this conversation was the last time she claimed she still loved me & only weeks prior to this was the last time I out the her cunt.

27th October 2011

Right in the middle of one of Rosie's waiting games. After experiencing a horrible feeling & immediately fearing for Dad's safety. I started attempting to call Dad with no answer over the following days. When the weekend finally came & I arrived at Dad's door & could hear the tap running I knew he was dead. After attempting to break in I finally called for police assistance who called the assistance from the fire department to break the door down. Although the police tried to give me hope as I anticipated when they door was smashed down we'd find Dads body which I initially couldn't see. I asked how he was (more meaning was it suicide?) they said "he's gone" I clarified what I meant & stated "I need to see him" although they'd advised me that it could be a crime scene & that may not be possible prior to smashing the door down - the police looked at one another nodded & agreed on the condition i didn't touch him. When I walked in he was laying in the kitchen with his face glued to the floor in dried up pool of blood, with green ears & his eyes & mouth sucked in like dried out bodies in the crypt of horror movies. I spent some time with him before the police asked me to identify the body & provide a statement of the events leading up to finding his body. I stupidly went outside to make the statement & although the police were good & asked if I'd like to see dad one last time, which I did. Some detected who'd rocked up in the mean time stopped me claiming he didn't see any purpose in me seeing Dad. There only about three people in my life I'd say this about but I wish I smashed that cunt if nothing else to tell the judge why!!!

A couple of weeks later I was asked to identify Dads body again at forensics. It was nothing like I expected. I wasn't able to be with or touch him rather had to view him from behind a glass window through which they presented the side of his face that was stuck to the floor. In response to this & out of spite I said "I need to see his tattoos" & made the bitch go in & role up his sleeves. I don't know what inspired me to take a photo - but I'm kinda glad I did considering it "says 1000 words" in context to the events to follow.

Mum came up & was chauffeuring me about to arrange funeral stuff that required my signature as by this stage I was off my face & struggling to cope. At the funeral home I was avdivesed that I'd be required to identify Dad again at the funeral about 3 weeks or so after his death. I broke down stating "I've already identified his twice!?!" & she fixed it.

After a couple of weeks with no response, I sent a bitter message questioning her psychotic behaviour to which Rosie Bourn responded by ringing me up & screaming "YOUR DAD DYING IS THE BEST THING THAT'S EVER HAPPENED TO YOU" which I reacted by saying "have you ever found someone dead?" Have you ever found someone you love dead?" & in other ways questioning her treatment. Of course, because I'd broken Rosies psychopathic "waiting game" after ringing up to abuse me she then said. "Right, now I'm not going to speak to you until after New Years"


December 2011:

Stacey tragically successfully committed suicide. However, I will not learn until January.

Above picture I drew the first time she returned to Melbourne. At some point I framed it up nicely & sent it to her as a birthday present. She later gave it to her sister who fell in love with it & took back to Dubai. Although, I'm kind of biased being the artist I think the work captures both her beauty & the darkness she carried.

I actually recall laughing with her on the phone years earlier after a previous attempt to hang herself. Not because it was funny that she'd tried to kill herself but more the way she described her neck feeling like as if she'd been strangled. I'm sure CUNTS will judge me out of context for that but those who do can get FUCKED as the fact of the matter is I was possibly the only person she had in the world who she could trust enough to be real about absolutely anything with.

February 14th 2012:

My closest friend Ben VanKatothen tragically dies on Henley Beach with the cause of death remaining undetermined.

Between the above & Marks Graduation

I go to Latino Grooves weekly social. There are initially only a few people on the dance floor & Rosie standing there so as some time has passed I asked "how are you?" She replied "I'm ok" before going silent. After it became awkward I asked "are you even going to bother asking how I am" Rosie replied "Why would I do that you're just going to tell me someone else is dead" before walking off...

Later that night whilst out having a smoke I confronted Rosie on her behaviour inforont of her friend making reference to the fact I shouldn't know about Sam Staker's tiny cock. Rosie made a scene & the waitress told me to go inside or leave. So I went inside & as I was leaning against the bar waiting for the song to change to ask a partner to dance - Rosie Bourne as a member of Latino Grooves staff comes running inside grabs me by the collar & screams in my face "your dad dying is the best thing that ever happened to you. If you mentions Sams little dick again - I'm going to tell everyone about your medical conditions". Almost unable to respond in shock & almost in tears, I uttered "I'm grieving" then Rosie Bourne screamed in my face "WELL GREIVE". Before racing off & leaving me in a severe state of shock. For full details of the months of gaslighting leading up to this moment in time see Univerversal Asylum YouTube: Standing up to Latino Grooves - Introduction #01/02 & Standing up to Latino Grooves - Abuse Timeline #02/02

2012, 29th March Due to the above I graduate my Bachelor of Social Work in such extreme shock that I'm completely unaware of what I was experiencing as a component of a messy drawn-out onset of severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Let alone the fact that this would catapult me into years of chaos that I'd lucky to survive including several overdoses, motor vehicle accidents, exposure to violence, etc. further compounding an already critical state of health.

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