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Phase #01: Metabolic Influence of Psilocybin & Narcan upon Opioid, Diazepam & Amphetamine Saturation

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

The following blogpost is to be read in accordance with & provide additional information relating to "Phase Three" of Universal Asylums Metabolic Implications of "Psychedelics / Forbidden Fruit" upon DRUG Saturation - Planning Document

Currently experiencing difficulties with suppression of video footage due to mindless morons. However, in addition to bitching & moaning, & wishing painful deaths upon YouTube & their families - I am working to resolve such issues. Despite experiencing all kinds of technical difficulties I have managed to render together around 13hours of consecutive footage of the experiments taken via my outdated Sony HD camcorder. I also have overlapping from different angles from two iMacs which are also outdated & on their last legs & could die at any moment. I am currently unsure of how many hours footage exists in total & at what point I ceased filming back to back. However, I currently have footage of all blood samples being taken up until around the 60hour mark after which I recommenced Suboxone in preparation for "Phase Two" of the Experiment.

Please find below a detailed "dietary supplement" / drug & sample chart leading up to & throughout "Phase One" of this set of experiments.

The following chart provides documentation of the commencement of Suboxone & consumption of other medications leading up to & throughout phase one of the experimental research.

The above spreadsheet as accurately as possible charts the administration of various substances & collection of samples throughout phase one of the experiment. Interestingly, as demonstrated by the video footage (which isn't currently publicly available) & consistent with the results of Universal Asylums Ayahuasca Assisted Opioid Detoxification Treatment Model administration of Naloxone via Intravenous Catheter whilst under the influence of the equivalent of 5g of Psilocybe Subaeruginosa did not induce any physical signs of opioid withdrawal or hypotensive crises that would typically be expected upon administering Naloxone / Narcan to an Opioid saturated person.

Collection of blood:

In endeavouring to maintain consistency throughout & viability of blood sample collection throughout the experiment bloods were collected in the following manner. Firstly I inserted an IV-Catheter connected to a 30cm long 1mm Micropore Extension Set & 3-Way Stopcock. In order to maintain correct order of draw I set up two trays of BD Vacutainers. Starting off with a baseline set of bloods I drew 2 x 30ml & 1 x 10ml syringes of blood. I then used one 30ml syringe to fill the first 4 tubes from left to right. I then used a fresh needle in filling the remaining 7 tubes. However, each time I topped up the final grey tube using the same needle but out of the 10ml syringe.

As far as discrepancies it is to be noted that on one occasion I believe I mixed up the order of the final two syringes. However, this is documented & can be double checked via video footage.

Throughout phase one of the experiment I collected 11 x 11 (Intervals x Vacutainer Tubes) bringing the grand total to 121 Blood-tubes throughout phase one of this experiment. "Phase One" Tubes are clearly labeled in permanent texta from 0 (being the baseline sample) through to 10.

In addition to blood a total of 21 urine, 5-6 stool & 3x Saliva Samples were also taken. Numerous blood samples that may or may not be of relevance were also taken & labeled with times & dates, etc leading up to the experiment. Although, the times & dates are clear they were taken as part of the trail & error process of formulating a realistic protocol & therefore may have some inconsistencies with their labelling & handling all of which has been recorded on digital media (aka video footage) & filed as orderly as possible with consideration to poor technology & running low & soon out of ADHD medication.

All samples collected are currently stored frozen @ - 20 degrees until it is possible to thoroughly explore & arrange for the most appropriate forms of scientific analysis to be undertaken.

In preparation for "Phase Two":

Unfortunately I ran into a friend who informed me she used to work with blood & that as I froze the above samples prior to spinning them that I may have damaged the blood samples & limited possible testing options.

Therefore, I purchased a centrifuge for phase two. I am really struggling to gain clear information & guidelines for its use. I have a broad range of tubes & am unsure which ones require centrifuging prior to being frozen. I have found some guidelines that...

I have also made these blood collection thingi-majigs to hopefully allow blood to be transferred directly into vac-tubes to decrease the possibility of contamination.

I have also purchased a fancy aluminium rack to ensure even temperature distribution throughout the initial stages if freezing. Ideally I think it is best to snap freeze in liquid nitrogen. However, as working with liquid nitrogen whilst under the influence of "hallucinogens" seems like a recipe for disaster I haven't even looked into the viability of the option.



Please see link above for details on Phase Two of the experiment. However, the following chart of "Phase Two" of this set of experimental research is purely intended to provide details of consumption of Suboxone & other medications leading up until what I have been Referring to as "Phase One (Spun)".

As I hadn't spun the first lot of bloods & had a limited supply of Naloxone to work with in conjunction with Ayahausca in detoxifying myself from the Suboxone throughout "Phase Three" of of the experiment - I decided to repeat "Phase One". However, with an extremely dangerous twist in gambling my life for the sake of proving a point. At some point in considering my options with a limited supply of Naloxone & Suboxone it occurred to me that Suboxone had Naloxone in it for two reasons. One as an anti nausea but also to prevent people from injecting the Buprenorphine. Aware that what I was considering was extremely dangerous I estimated that I could possibly survive an additional 3ml of Suboxone administered intravenously on top of what I had reduced to a 2ml sublingual dosage after "Phase Two" of the experiment.

In distinguishing the samples as stated above "Phase One" are blankly labeled with numbers as per charts, "Phase Two" are numbered with little cactuses on them & "Phase One Spun" are numbered with pictures of Mushrooms on them. There are also a number of Baseline practice samples stored that have dates marked on the tubes though only the specific phases are charted up until this point.

One of the key differences in blood sampling with throughout Phase One Spun is that I in addition to a taking roughly 60ml for a full set of colours on roughly an hourly basis - upon administration of IV Suboxone I took several sets of an additional small 4ml Red & 5ml Gold gel tubes marked S1, S2 & S3.

However, unfortunately whilst spinning S2 (I believe) one of the cylinders blew on the centrifuge destroying one sample. Although I was pushing my body to it's absolute limits as reflected by the extremely high Blood Pressure readings recorded throughout the experiment - I was still able to function well enough to fix the centrifuge & improvise an order by which it would be possible to maintain consistency in continuing to take, spin & store blood samples.

Despite the additional Suboxone the mushrooms appeared to enhance the power & efficiency of my metabolic systems not only enough to avoid precipitating post acute withdrawal symptom but also appeared to metabolise enough of the Suboxone that I presented no physical signs of opioid withdrawal up until resuming Suboxone. Nevertheless, although I do not believe that it is likely that I was fully detoxed it would be extremely interesting to know what scientific examination of the 128 viable blood samples, 21 urine & several stool samples taken throughout the experiment. Actually the one potential physical sign of opioid withdrawal I did present throughout the experiment was mild Diarrhoea.

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